How To Do The Yoga Corpse Pose

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Folks, do not let the name of the pose frighten you as in Corpse Pose!

(It has nothing to do with a literal death) more with relaxation.

That said, the Yoga Corpse/Relaxation Pose is a Restorative Pose that is usually practiced during and after your yoga session.

Some other restorative poses include the

1. Crocodile Pose (mentioned in the articles on Forward Bends and the Bow Pose)

2. Child’s Pose (mentioned in the article on the Headstand)

However, for now we will be dealing strictly with the relaxation pose where you are basically laying on your back with your arms extended slightly away from you.

Suffice it to say that owing to how easy it appears to be, it still is one of the few poses that may be difficult to properly execute owing to the mental effort that has to be attributed to the pose, but at least for the physical portion of it (lying on your back, well…just about anyone can do that!)

Perform this pose for 15 minutes after performing the physical exercises, make sure you breathe rhythmically in a ratio of 5:5:5 for inhalation, retention and exhalation if the alternative method of relaxing to be outlined seems a bit challenging for you.

It is also important that you know how to exit the pose.

This is done by turning your body to the right, curling up slightly, and staying there for another minute of square breathing, then get up and literally sit on a chair, bed or if you choose, the mat, be ensure that you are well covered (warm) so any external cold can not chill the body after it may have naturally been warmed and cooled down from your whole session.

Furthermore, please see to it that you do not touch any water (as in showering, brushing of the teeth etc) for at least 10 minutes AFTER you have completed the Corpse pose.


Well, I honestly don’t know what the link is but being the inquisitive person I am, I did the exact opposite of what I just passed on to you in regards to bodily contact with water and believe it or not caught a cold!

Co-incidence, I think not!

Google “Do not shower after asanas” and you will see the gurus break it down even more for you all.

Hey, thus far, I have done my best to be as ‘real’ and straightforward and detailed with giving you information on the Sivananda Yoga style.

Don’t worry, I won’t intentionally mislead you now so, wooo-sah!

Alright, alright, let’s get serious. For the Yoga Relaxation pose, it comes in very handy as this pose

-Alleviates stress.

-Increases Self-Confidence and awareness.

-Relieves Fatigue, insomnia and restlessness.

-Speeds up proper elimination of metabolic wastes.

If you have been following in order all the poses and exercises I have outlined in the past several articles on Sivananda Yoga, you will see that I have gone in a specific order from the Beginning, (Sun Salutations) to the very end (The Relaxation Pose) and this relaxation pose should be implemented after

1. The Sun Salutations.

2. Standing Erect for 2 minutes upon completing the Headstand

3. After completing the Fish Pose (the second counterpose to the Shoulderstand)

4. The Spinal Twist (counterpose to the back bands which offset the forward bends, however remember the use of the prone relaxation pose here folks, the crocodile pose)

5. Each Balancing Exercise

6. The final end of your yoga session.

Furthermore, the very same pose can (and should) be practiced for 15 minutes daily as an alternative or supplemental pose for meditation or anytime you just need to “woo sah!”

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