How To Do Yoga Spinal Twists

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How To Do Yoga Spinal Twists

These postures free, energize and balance the body.

Moreover, take it from me folks…AFTER THE BACK BENDS, YOU WANT TO DO THESE POSES.

I guess, that’s what I find so liberating, yet rewarding about Sivananda Yoga, when followed in the precise order given, you can’t help but get it right for a totally effective workout on the inside and out.

The flip side to this is, if you try to experiment on your own and go out of the order of events/poses, you are bound to hurt or injure yourself.

Suffice it to say then that keeping to the orders suggested is definitely the way to go.

Now, going back to the spinal twists, after bending forward and back, your spine requires a lateral twist to retain its mobility.

It is noteworthy of mention that the ability to twist is often the first type of flexibility to be lost. Furthermore, the objective here is to maintain sideways mobility in your spine Sitting twists are the most intensive, as they increase the range of motion of the spine. When done after backbends, they tend to relieve any lower back discomfort, discomfort that will occur if you don’t twist left and right!

How to Do The Spinal twist (Ardha Matsendrasana):

Bend the right leg
at the knee and set the heel against your butt.

Do not allow the heel to move from this place.

Now bend the left leg at the knee and with the hands, arrange the foot to rest on the floor by the external side of the thigh, then passing the right arm over the left knee, catch hold of the left foot firmly with the right hand.

The left knee is now place at the right axilla.

Remain in this pose for half the time you were in Chakrasana and repeat on both sides.

For the actual benefits derived from this pose, it should be noted that it

-Removes constipation.
-Bends the spine laterally and keeps it elastic and consequently the sympathetic nerves are toned.
-Eliminates poisons produced in digestion.

So at this juncture, folks we have performed the Sun Salutations, The Inversions, Forward & Backward Bending Exercises and Twisted the Body laterally.

That said, after the various directions in which the body has been bent, the flexibility of the spine over time will indeed increase and be maintained.

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