How to reach the heights of Yoga?

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Any study of any science or subject matter consists of two parts, theoretical and practical. The role of the theoretical part of course is important. But the basis of comprehension of any sphere of activity is the practical part. Through the practice we understand all aspects of the subject. During training, we’d better get to know the world around us, themselves and their capabilities. Yoga is no exception here. In the first stage, we study the theoretical foundations. On the second most important stage, we focus on the practical part.

Currently divorced huge amount of arrogant people who study the theoretical part, loudly declare that they know what yoga is. Stubbornly these people cannot hit. They can only hear you. The Self shut their ears. You cannot show them the light of truth. Do not even try! Just be clear to yourself, “hack to death on your nose”: a theory without a thorough, systematic practice is a dead letter. No more.

It is better to remember how you learned to ride a bike. First you told someone how to sit, how to pedal, to watch and where to turn the steering wheel. Without this knowledge, you could hardly go and control your bike. Then you sit on a bike with a view to developing a practical part. And it was not so quick, simple and clever, as you told. You had to go through the bruises, abrasions, wounds, finding a balance, overcoming the fear of falling and much more.

Such processes are inherent in any training, including yoga. Continuing the theme of a bicycle, I want to remind you how happy and unforgettable experience to overcome himself, the victory over the iron horse and run over time and distance. Is not it beautiful? Yoga is also looking and relevant “winning” waiting for their heroes. However, it is necessary fairly to work hard every day and fill cones, like riding a bicycle. Game worth it, trust me, and immediately proceed with the systematic training.

So, we have found that yoga – a practice based on theory. What gives us yoga besides health and flexibility? Yoga allows us to return to its roots, to connect our consciousness with the unconscious. But once at the dawn of civilization, they were in harmony with each other. Indian classical yoga allows you to communicate with our unconscious in an unknown language theorist. Thanks to yoga, we look inside ourselves, inside our body and soul, to discover their hidden inner essence.

Unfortunately, you will find not only the positive qualities of your soul. Yoga highlights without filtering all your hidden desires and intentions, which were closed before the daily routine and worries about “daily bread”. I am absolutely not in any way encouraging you to leave with his head in yoga, stop earning a living for them and their loved ones did not. Knowledge of its nature can provide highlight the negative aspects of your soul. hope you will not tolerate this state of affairs. Your enlightened consciousness will now seek to bring the light of universal love everything around you the world and, above all, to your friends. It is hard to love people not backed by deeds. Thus, the classical yoga classes are light and good in our gray world.

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