How To Use Yoga Balls For Your Workout Session

Author: Foras Aje

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I’ve been doing yoga
for years and never actually had the need for or even used props such as blocks, belts or even the common yoga balls.

However that changed when I recently attempted some yoga poses using the big ball nestled in the corner of my girlfriend’s apartment.

Turns out that when doing yoga poses with an exercise ball, there are many benefits that it can add to your practice.

Being as though it is a versatile prop for many postures, the 30 inch diameter ball is a terrific tool. These air-filled balls give support in poses such as backbends hip openers and restorative poses.

Balls are shipped un-inflated and include a small hand-held pump. Moreover, they are made from durable vinyl and can support up to 600 pounds.

For Moms, kids being kids, they naturally tend to gravitate towards the prop as they too, like you, may be trying to practice their favorite yoga poses.

Well, in spite of all the fun that I’ve said it could add to your practice, let’s remember it’s not to be abused (per-se) as you need to remember to keep the order of the poses as suggested in your yoga class or literature you may be using as a road-map.

Going back to the fun part of using exercise balls for yoga, what’s even better is you can add simple calisthenics like the yoga-esque Hindu Push-Ups and several other core exercises to have one knockout of exercise routines for your yoga ball.

Hey, one more thing, if you simply need a place to keep your jacket after a hard-day’s work, you could drop yours right on the prop too…

All in all, here’s to making Yoga even more fun folks.

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