How To Use Yoga For Eating Disorders

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It, Yoga, has been praised for almost everything, however, very few people no that for even eating disorders. Some specific Yoga poses and derivatives can be used effectively for restoring better digestive and mental health which are perhaps the two types needing attention in regards to eating disorders.

Not so long ago, eating disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia, were thought to be purely the result of mental conditions.

However, some physical factors have been attributed to these conditions. It is now thought that eating disorders can be triggered by a multitude of factors, in combination, including those of a psychological, behavioral, social, or biological nature.

Thankfully, as with many conditions, eating orders can better be dealt with through a calm and focused mind and of course drug-free healing methods.

Often times, depression and low self esteem are problems associated with people with eating disorders, and Yoga can help with both. Moreover, as a mild restorer of physical vigor and a corrective therapeutic measure internally from abuse arising from eating disorders, some Yoga poses are extremely effective.

The include-

-The Sun Salutations Sequence

-The Shoulder Stand Sequence (This friends is a reputed panacea or cure-all for most if not all human ailments)

-The Bow Pose (A back bending exercise)

-The Head to Knee Pose (A forward bending exercise)

-The Spinal Twist

-The Peacock Pose

-The Diamond Pose

-The Triangle Pose

-The Corpse Pose

Now those are just poses friends, if you want to get more advanced, Yoga still has the abdominal exercises such as

a. The Abdominal Lifts

b. The Abdominal Isolations

And let’s not forget the breathing exercises.
It has been proven that Yoga can reduce depression, restoring a state of balance and well being in the individual. Also, there are different yoga practices which encourage heightened levels of self esteem, and promote a positive view of your own body. Regular yoga practice will increase the overall fitness level of the human body, improving the immune system and giving it a good chance of fighting illnesses. Furthermore the Yoga Diet known as the Sattvic Diet consisting of mucus-less and mucus-poor fruits, leafs and other vegetables are perhaps the most preventive and curative substance of any disease that may be associated with anorexia or bulimia be they physical or mental. Suffice it to say that Yoga-in its entirety-is not just some ‘hippie’ exercise that seemingly double jointed people only can do, know it is for everyone and the framework of one’s upbringing, can be included for everyday life. For eating disorders, it sure can stand its own.

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