How To Use Yoga Poses For Jet Lag

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Jet lag is defined as: a condition resulting when travel across time zones leaves a person feeling “out of sync” with local time at his or her destination. That considered, to get you ‘back in sync’, one highly recommended solution will be Yoga.

With the poses balancing effects on the body (namely the inversions), yoga helps immensely to deal with the effects of jet lag when used correctly, of course.

The two main poses will be the Shoulder Stand (and its counter poses) and if possible, the Sun Salutations.

In regards to the latter choice, the Sun Exercises, these are definitely a wise choice in that they stimulate and balance all the systems of the body including the endocrine, circulatory, reproductive and digestive system.

The main benefit one can look to attain from using Yoga for Jet lag will be restoration and balancing which it brings about as one executes the use of some of its poses.

This perhaps reiterates why using the shoulder-stand yoga pose for jet lag as previously mentioned may indeed be a great and wise choice as this pose as well affects all the bodily organs. By pressing the chin-lock, it stimulates the thyroid gland, balancing the circulatory, digestive, nervous, reproductive and endocrine systems. It tranquilizes the mind, alleviates stress and psychological disturbances. It is indeed a panacea, a cure all!

One can also try the yoga-esque Hindu-Push-ups as this helps drain the brain of unwanted ‘debris’ and the incorporation of the Yoga Relaxation Pose does just as its name suggests, relaxes the entire body while simultaneously relieving stress and speeding up the elimination of metabolic wastes.

It’s safe to say Yoga has something for everything and everyone so for jet lag; you will do very well to strike some Yoga poses!

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