How To Use Yoga To Alleviate Stress

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By: Foras Aje

It’s a given, as technologically advanced as we may be we are still creatures with animal instincts. As we walk the fine line between modern life and our animalistic characteristics, we often times are left to find balance in our bodies, our minds, our environment, in our lives. That’s where Yoga comes in.

As a result of being more inactive than ever and the over-stimulation of our minds, many of us suffer from the fatigue and imbalance that comes from chronic stress without sufficient recovery.

Well, the good news is yoga is an excellent way to soothe nerves that are in a constant state of overdrive. Yoga is indeed the oldest existing physical-culture system in the world. Besides being a systematic and scientifically proven path to attaining physical fitness, it delays ageing, rejuvenates and improves appearance, maintains suppleness and increases vitality and the creative part of life.

It’s a fact that stress has become a chronic aspect of life for many of us; and it takes its toll. This often times wears out the body leaving us feeling depleted or overwhelmed.

The consequence of this is that the immune system weakens causing illness and fatigue, mood swings, lack of focus, and irritability

Since we are often engaged in many tasks at once, and feeling that we are constantly on the go, it should come as come as no surprise that it seems difficult to relax these days.

Thankfully, Yoga innately helps us to create balance; to know our bodies, to recognize when we are not balanced both on and off of the mat. On a purely physical level hatha yoga creates strength, flexibility, grace.

Yoga helps to unlock and release tensions before they can accumulate over time and become chronic physical and psychological conditions. As we release physical blockages, toxins, and limitations from the body we also do so in mind, spirit, and emotions.

The Specific Poses Recommended will be the

-Sun Salutations

-The ShoulderStand

-The Corpse Pose

These three in particular are often recommended in several drug-free fraternities as being THE poses of stress relief.

So When next you feel overwhelmed with life’s demands, stress, or just need a pick-me-up from lethargy, it won’t hurt to do some Yoga. It won’t hurt and will definitely help to rectify the situation.

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