Injury Prevention with Yoga

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Yoga is a great way to prevent injury. Yoga helps with several crucial elements of preventing injury: core strength, balance, posture, mental focus, and stress. All of these things can contribute to injury. However, with yoga, you can improve these things and avoid injury.

First, yoga helps build core strength. All movement starts with the core, so it is essential that it is strong. A strong core can help you avoid back pain, and improve posture. Along with strengthening the core muscles, yoga improves your spines’ flexibility. This can help prevent injury by improving your spines ability to endure impact caused by running, tackling, etc.

Second, yoga improves your balance. Your less likely to fall if you’ve got great balance. Additionally, many common injuries such as sprained ankles are caused by a lack of balance.

Third, Yoga helps improve mental focus. Mental focus is crucial to avoiding injury as it helps improve body-awareness. Body-awareness is simply being aware of when your body is becoming strained or fatigued. This can allow you to take preventive measures to prevent injury.

Fourth, Yoga reduces stress. Stress is often accompanied by tense muscles. Yoga works to loosen up these muscles through stretching and breathing. This helps improve circulation, flexibility, and is a crucial part of reducing stress.

Yoga is a great way to prevent injury. Avoiding injury is key to all athletes. You can avoid injury with yoga. I highly recommend a program called Runner’s Yoga. Runner’s Yoga is designed to be worked into other workouts, or done before and after athletic events.

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