Kundalini Yoga And Deep Magnetic Breathing

Source : PR Log

In Kundalini Yoga there is a meditation techniques called Kriyas. What is Kriya?! Kriya is Yoga of consciousness, it is every process that we make in order to activate and lift up the evolutive energy. This is not big thing, but you should know how to do it. Knowledge about how to do this is science about Kriya Yoga.

Energy need to reach the brain. Kriya is every process which works on awakening and lifting the energy up. Yogis call that Tap, or Heat. Energy naturally goes down. In order to make for energy to go up, we must do Kriyas.

Ok. Set down with spine in straight line, or you can stand, or walk, but the spine must be in straight line. Inhale deep and total through nose, and exhale relaxed and non-controlled through mouth. Do this at least three minutes. So, inhale through nose, exhale through mouth, with full lungs, deeper than your manner is. Deep and total, but not and forced. Exhalation is spontaneous. Just let the inhaled air go out alone. If you do this technique when you are tired, depressive and negative, it will fill you with energy, it will throw out negativity, and it will refresh you. The Breathing is called magnetic because of density you make through inhaling on nose and exhaling on mouth.

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