Laughter Yoga: Ho, Ho, Hah-hah-hah!

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The science of Yoga originated from India and involves physical and mental practices that can be traced back to more than three thousand years. Yoga is popular all over the world today. It demands hard work from the students to learn yoga. Yoga is also called sadhna in India or a practice that improves ones mental growth and brings physical health too.

Introduction to Laughter Yoga

Among the different styles of Yoga, there is a fun part of it too, which is known as laughter yoga or hasya yoga. It is said laughter is the best medicine and laughter yoga makes the best use of it. Laughter acts as a tonic for a tense mind and a stressed body.

Laughter yoga is traced back to the history of yoga in India, mainly practiced by the sages at that time. Today, laughter yoga is very popular in India. Every morning you can see the parks in the cities full of men and women sitting in groups and practicing Indian laughter yoga together. There are more than 5000 laughter medicine clubs all over the country, having millions of members.

To practice healing by laughter yoga, one first needs to sit on a comfortably laid mattress in an open area, say a garden. As this yoga is mostly practiced in groups, one can sit in lotus position in unison. Sitting in a calm position, you should normalize your breath and consciously start taking gentle breaths. Then place your hands (with palm upwards) on your knees. Afterward, by inhaling, you should take the hands up in the air (side by side to your head) and laugh in rhythm (HO, HO, HAH-HAH-HAH! HO, HO, HAH-HAH-HAH! HO, HO, HAH-HAH-HAH) in a group.

When you practice laughter meditation yoga in a group, the simulated and artificial laughter will become real Indian laughter gradually. You can repeat the exercise by increasing and decreasing the speed of laughter. One session of laughter yoga may last about 20 to 30 minutes.

Advantages of laughter yoga

Healing Laughter yoga is laughter medicine which is not religious, or political but good for ones health. Laughter meditation yoga has a very good effect on the body and removes all negative energy vibes. It makes one independent from the mind and the thought processes relax for some time.

Indian laughter yoga is medicinal and healing. It makes you forget your fears, worries and limitations and makes you remember only the positives that life has to offer.

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