Learning In Costa Rica: Yoga Training In Paradise

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Tropical climates, beautiful beaches, and a rainforest background provide you with perfect setting for learning. Your Costa Rica yoga holiday is the perfect opportunity to broaden your yoga skills, while enjoying all the Central American country has to offer.

What to Expect

Costa Rica yoga lessons allow you to enjoy classes in English, but there are also Spanish classes available if you would like to brush up on your language skills.

There are also opportunities to learn surfing and Poi in addition to Spanish and yoga. You can take any combination of classes that you like. Costa Rica has a warm, tropical climate, that provides a relaxing atmosphere for learning yoga. The best way to learn yoga is to practice with an expert. Costa Rica yoga lessons brings you into contact with professional yoga experts. You will practice each morning in the outdoors, enjoying the natural, fresh air and beautiful tropical weather of Costa Rica. Even yoga instructors can benefit from learning the methods used in a new environment. The Basics of Yoga Yoga requires concentration to learn the basics of breathing and posture. Costa Rica yoga training focuses on Hatha Vinyasa yoga, which emphasizes the balance of the body, mind and spirit through meditative breathing and postures. The Asanas, or postures, that you learn will allow you to become stronger and more flexible, while deep breathing is used to aid concentration and to cleanse the body of toxins. Costa Rica yoga training is very personalized, your teacher will provide instruction that allows you to work at a pace that is comfortably challenging. Classes for both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners are combined, giving you a look at what you can learn with dedication. Yoga is an adventure when you are in Costa Rica, and learning has never been more relaxing than it is in the tropical climate. Learning at La Escuela Del Sol Montezuma, Costa Rica, yoga training can be taken as a single class, or in combination with other classes. Combination classes include Poi, or fire dancing, Spanish, and surfing. Montezuma is home to one of the most diverse regions in Costa Rica, with rainforest and beach access. There are trained yoga professionals teaching yoga classes each morning, and Spanish classes can even be used for college credits. La Escuela Del Sol offers morning and evening classes for yoga students. If you have been looking into studying abroad, Costa Rica offers yoga training for students of all levels.

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