Learning The Essential Yoga Pose

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Each Yoga pose described in this article can be very beneficial to your health if they are practiced regularly. Try and you will see the benefits.

1.Viparitakarani Mudra, or the Reverse Posture; important because it is said to reverse not only the position of the body but also of time. Because of the way we receive radiations from both earth and cosmic spaces, the Yogis claim that while standing on our feet we grow old; in assuming the inverted pose we grow younger.

Method: Lie flat on the back. Inhaling slowly, raise your legs upward; then, supporting your hips with your hands, gradually raise the trunk until it rests on the shoulder-blades. The knees should be straight, the legs and toes inclined slightly beyond the head. Breathe in and out deeply and slowly several times, then return to the prone position. Continue breathing deeply until all trace of effort has disappeared.

Therapeutic Value: This exercise, which really requires very little effort, is particularly beneficial because it reverses and increases the flow of blood to the head and respiratory organs. Hence it is excellent for helping cure colds and tonsilitis.

It is also known as a great boon to those who wish to restore their youth and vitality, for it helps keep the endocrine glands and internal organs, as well as the skin, in youthful shape. Indian women practice it to prevent early wrinkles and general aging, and also to prevent and cure irregular or painful menstruation and the mental and physical discomforts of menopause. Men, too, find it beneficial, since it is one of the important ways to keep the gonads functioning properly.

2. Yoga Mudra, or Symbol of Yoga, is another yoga pose which, while not an exercise, is considered of great spiritual value. On the other hand it also has definite physical benefits, since it promotes good elimination and so helps the system stay clean. It may be practiced between any two more strenuous poses.

Method: Sit as for the Lotus Pose, or simply tailor fashion. Now clench your fists and place them on either side of the abdomen, slightly below the navel. Take a deep breath, then bend forward as far as possible while exhaling. Continue firmly to press the fists against the abdomen. Hold this pose for five to ten seconds, retaining your breath. Now start slowly exhaling, sit up and turn to the original posture.

Gradually increase the time until the Mudra takes three minutes, being careful not to add more than a second or two per week to your time. Otherwise holding the breath too long may be harmful. (The classical manner of doing this Mudra is in the Lotus Pose, with the hands behind the back, left fist clenched and right hand grasping the left wrist).

Therapeutic Value: The Yoga Mudra increases the peristaltic movements of the bowels and so is excellent for relief of constipation. It also strengthens the abdominal muscles and lends tone to the colon, the pelvic region and the nervous system in general. Men troubled with seminal weakness are helped by it. These benefits are additional to the major one of increased concentration.

3. Simhasana, or the Lion Pose, particularly useful for relaxing the throat.

Method: Squat on your heels, or even sit in a chair for this one; place your hands on your knees, take a deep breath, exhale and stick your tongue out as far as possible, until you begin to experience a slight gagging sensation. Stiffen the fingers and spread them wide. At the same time open both mouth and eyes wide, tensing the neck and throat. Let the feeling of tension permeate your whole body.

Retain this posture for a few seconds, then relax. Repeat two or three times. If you feel you are coming down with a sore throat or laryngitis, repeat the exercise half a dozen times several times a day.

Therapeutic Value: This is an excellent exercise for persons suffering from asthma, hay fever, enlarged or infected tonsils, and from general susceptibility to throat and upper-respiratory infections. It is, of course, invaluable to singers and public speakers.

Use each yoga pose described here to add to your well-being.

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