Living the energy: the true power of yoga

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All YOGA poses are transitions and the biggest one is called corpse pose o shava- asana. As a transition we understand that a yoga pose is a place to get through rather than a place to be or a goal to reach because we can´t achieve the unachievable. YOGA is much more that sequences of YOGA poses, YOGA is an ART , an unfinished masterpiece that makes us dream . Focusing on achieving a YOGA pose is just killing the dream .

The dream is constantly nurtured by the energy we move within and around us during the practice . Propelling, expanding and compacting our energy generate a high impact dynamic and a magnetic field of energy. Learning and understanding how to channel this energy that is always moving and transforming doesn´ t only empower our body but also our life.


This moving energy is directly connected to the level of intensity we use during the practice. We gauge this intensity in terms of density and not in terms of strength . We build strength using our muscles but we get inner power working consciously on the intensity in a deep level of energy. Working consciously on our energy produces a hudge and highly positive impact in our life . We don´ t only get invaluable health benefits restoring and healing our body along with a lasting feeling of well-being but we also get this strong feeling of being part of a whole where there is no past present and future but only space time.

All the YOGA poses are transitions and our life is a sequence of transitions too including death . We generally keep in mind the big moments or events but we get confused trying to fill out gaps between each events. We remember the WHAT, but we rarely remember the HOW. The WHAT depends on each of us, the HOW belongs to all of us. The WHAT makes us strong, the HOW makes us powerful.


Being part of a whole is getting into the circle of life surfing on a huge wave of energy and finding the perfect equilibrium . It is a mindful immersion into vital force. A continuous movement that nurture the source of the dreams and keep them alive. The energy is everywhere but we can´t see it. What we can see is real but the truth is invisible so may be dreaming our life is the real truth. Absorbing ,storing and transforming the energy empower our life as a natural process understanding that there is nothing to achieve but only a dream to keep alive.

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