Living Your Soul Purpose

Living Your Soul Purpose

Last night I had an awakening of my own soul purpose calling to me at an even deeper level than ever before. I could

feel the energy of my heart chakra open and flood me with light. I had crossed over to the other side again. This time by

love and joy, not pain and suffering. This time by self-love and passion.


Coming down from my Yoga hand stand that I held for 3 times (a record breaker for me!), I felt my fear dissipate and leave my body. I felt the love of Source, Loving Mother Earth, Nature, God, and All That Is hold me in it’s arms.

The beauty of wondrous love poured through my system. For days I had been in conflict between my heart and intuition. My heart said one thing, my intuition another! Confusing to say the least…
Underneath all the conflict, I knew there had to be peace. Lying in the Savasna resting pose, a vision came to me of a gateway to my heart center, the gate opened to unconditional love. Suffering no more, embracing love, my own connection to Source.
From this heart centered place, we can all feel connected to God/Source and then dive even deeper into the experience of Our Soul. Our Soul is the intuitive part of our being that is connected to our gut. It’s that inner knowing of our innate wisdom.
The Soul knows only the truth and it is connected to our Divine Essence, which is unconditional love. Our primary foundational purpose on this planet is to love and be loved. Beyond that, each of us have our own special talents and gifts that, if used properly, can serve the world at large.
The way to connect with your own soul purpose is to ask for assistance. To be willing to see yourself as God sees you and to open to the highest truth of love.
As I opened the gateway to my heart center, I noticed a tunnel leading straight down to the core of the earth, straight to the light. If you can imagine a globe with a light radiating orange, yellow and deep red in the very center, that is what I saw.
I fell down this tunnel and then slowly rose up through the earth, through the soil, as a root emerging with life. I could feel my journey upwards touching the lights of others along my path, other roots and plants hidden in the soil, little gems that made my heart smile. Feeling the deep support of the Universe, I arose from the Yoga pose feeling peacefully surrendered and committed to my purpose once again, with a new level of awareness now. I felt the presence of the other students in the Yoga class, like my brothers and sisters of the Light. This same energy spread out to meet the hands of humanity as we walked together.

About the Author

Abby E. GoochAbby E. Gooch Abby started her business at age 19 when she discovered her personal mission in life, to activate the Life Force energy within others by connecting them with their intuition. Since then she has worked with many companies and individuals throughout the country to assist them in their personal and professional development. As people have chosen to connect with their own innate power to know and heal, the results have been astounding! Client’s experiences include immense increases of income, better relationships, improved health, and a deeper connection to their soul purpose. Abby works with adults and has a passion for reaching out to the children of our world. For more information please feel free to visit: