Losing Weight With Yoga

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Do you do Yoga? Do you know what Yoga is? It is one of the most ancient practices of all times.

I’ve started doing yoga a few months back and I would like to share my opinions in this matter.

Many women today perform yoga exercises not just to lose weight or maintain proper body weight but also because they want to be healthy emotionally and mentally. Nowadays not only women but men as well have shown interest in practicing Yoga.

In my case, I do it mainly to lose weight.

After a few weeks performing Yoga I sense changes in my body. It helps decrease problems during menstruation such as PMS, mood swing

, body aching and cramps. I eventually found out that there is actually research to prove this, but it’s easy to see the physical, mental, and emotional benefits evident on those who practice yoga.

I suggest you try it yourself because to me it gives total relaxation and calming effect that words cannot describe.

If you are still undecided about yoga, then there are a number of things about it that will help you decide.

As we all know most women now are working and often burden with stress taking care of the house, children, husband etc and always lost their focus on their own health and what is important. Yoga is the perfect solution that helps women copes with their busy schedule and the resulting mental and physical stress they endured everyday. This is especially true for those working moms who need to deal with the pressures of both work and home. Sitting behind a desk or even driving a car for several hours every day would already result in a woman having shoulder and back problems that will not only affect their lives at the office but also at home when they are dealing with the family and household chores.

So choosing the best Yoga style will help!

Lets say if yoga is really right for you. You need to choose the yoga style that will fit your lifestyle, personality, and needs. If you are a working mom, your yoga needs might differ from those women who are working at the office for long hours every day. It is very important to find the perfect teacher or trainer who has the right knowledge about yoga who is not only qualified but sensitive enough to what you really need.

There are a few Yoga styles that I would suggest:

The first style is called Vini Yoga. This style is more into meditation, proper breathing, and posture as well as prayer and rituals. The amount of all these aspects that could be applied into your yoga practice will have to be personalized because every woman is different and her needs changes and develop. Therefore, if you are still a student or a young professional, then the physical aspects of yoga might be more important for you, while older women might focus more on the spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects.

Next is the Ashtanga Yoga. Also known as the power yoga, this style is known to be flowing and athletic. Breathing is especially important in this yoga style as a woman flows through a series of postures. This is able to generate a lot of sweat and body heat, thus helping women detoxifies their bodies. This is my favorite practice.

The third style is the Ananda Yoga. This performance is especially important to me I should say. Not only to me but to every women. This yoga style makes use of temperate poses. This is gently meditative and perfect for those who would like to practice a yoga style that helps them to look inwards so they can focus on making their emotions better. I perform this style when I’m stressed or moody.

Here I’ve shared with you some of my Yoga practices. There is more if you’d like to do a research on Yoga styles and techniques. I strongly advise to try it but if you don’t see or feel the difference maybe it is not for you. We are built differently and we have our own taste in experience and we lead different lifestyles.

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