Make Yoga Your Exercise of Choice

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Yoga is a great workout that exercises both the body and the mind. If you are wondering if yoga is right for you, do some research and learn the many great benefits yoga can have when you use it for your daily exercise.

Before you attend your first yoga class be sure to recognize the dos and don’ts that most yoga classes require from its patrons. Yoga is a very particular exercise and there are some small things that are frowned upon that most people wouldn’t even consider. Also, if you have been inactive try walking on a treadmill for two weeks before attending your first class.

First, chewing gum during a yoga class is usually prohibited. For some reason chewing gum during a yoga class has been classified as disrespectful and will be sure to attract some glares from people in the class.

It is also required that each person removes their shoes and sock before participating in a yoga class. You should recognize that it is yet another sign of disrespect to the yoga instructor if you attend a class wearing shoes or socks.

Second, to maximize the effectiveness of each exercise you will want to come to each class on an empty stomach. It is recommended to wait a minimum of three hours after eating before participating in a yoga routine.

Third, take between a ten and twenty second break between each individual exercise to give you time to breathe and relax before the next exercise. There are many challenging poses that will take time to work up to; giving yourself time to relax will help you improve faster.

Fourth, yoga requires you to be in a relaxed state of mind, so consuming substances that will alter your state of mind should be kept to a minimum. Some people find this difficult because they are used to consuming caffeine on a regular basis.

Try to cut down on the amount of caffeine you consume and refrain from having coffee, tea, or an energy drink for at least four hours before a yoga routine. Having a clear and focused mind will allow you to push yourself and focus on some difficult poses that may be giving you trouble.

Fifth, wear clothes that aren’t constricting and will allow you to move freely without any constraint. During a yoga routine your body will be bending and twisting all over, having constricting clothes can keep you from fully stretching and completing some poses.

Sixth, some people don’t think that it is necessary to use a mat to stand and lay on during a yoga routine. Although it isn’t one hundred percent vital, it is still recommended that you use a mat or some type of barrier between yourself and the ground.

Seventh, inhaling and exhaling at the right times and in the proper manner will allow you to get the most out of each individual pose. Focusing on your breathing is very critical and can make the difference between an okay workout and awesome workout.

After deciding yoga is right for you, taking the time to research the proper way to be behave in yoga class and getting some tips on the exercises themselves, will help make yoga the best exercise you have ever experienced.

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