Making jet lag fly away: Hatha yoga stretches are the ticket for comfortable air travel


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Isn’t air travel exciting-especially during the holiday season? We visit our families or distant lands in just a few short hours as we glide high above the clouds. These trips should make us feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Instead, most travelers depart the plane suffering from the painful effects of jet lag.

There are more and more airplanes in the skies every year, and flying has never been easier. But air travel is tough on our bodies because we are forced to remain sedentary for hours at a time. With most airlines allowing less than 18 inches between the rows of seats in the dreaded “economy class,” it is not uncommon to have your knees snug against the seat in front of you. After several hours in the air, the metabolism slows dramatically, digestion becomes sluggish, breathing shallow and leg muscles begin to cramp due to decreased blood supply. The challenge is to keep active while confined in this tight space.

What’s a smart passenger to do? Now the answer is easy. Try these five stretches based on the ancient art of hatha yoga.

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