Mental And Physical Fitness With Yoga

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It is said that yoga becomes a way of life of a person, the way it benefits one. Yoga is a set of exercises that are carried out in the early morning time which greatly benefits the inner self as well as the outer self of the body.

Yoga should always be carried out under professional guidance or it may turn ugly as it may lead to many drastic effects. There are many teachers of yoga all around the world in addition to that, books and CDs are available in the market that teaches yoga. While doing yoga there are many things that should be kept in mind. There are many exercises in yoga that help one to eradicate disease in a body, every exercise in yoga has a specific posture in which it is carried, so it should always be done under a guidance of a teacher.

Yoga works on the principle of respiration and doing yoga in the presence of fresh air is the most important thing. For the best results of yoga it should be done regularly in early mornings otherwise yoga can be done in the evening time as well. Before doing yoga one should have an empty stomach and bladder. In addition to this one should do yoga after cleaning face, mouth and brushing of teeth. It may be tough but for yoga it is highly recommended that one does the exercises after taking bath which give much fruitful results.

All the yoga exercises are to be done with a lot of patience and should be performed in a rhythm; sudden jerks may not be useful or may affect the body parts involved. One should not be wearing any kind of accessories while doing yoga especially spectacles, and wearing of tight clothes should also be avoided. Yoga should be done in an open place or a closed room which is well ventilated for the proper ventilation of air. Many exercises in yoga require tough body posture but if one feels stiffness in the body after performing an exercise should tell the same to the instructor as either the exercise doesn’t suit the body or is being carried out in an improper manner.

Most of the exercises require the eyes to be closed but for new comers it is recommended to perform the exercises with eyes open in order to see the instructor performing the same exercise. Every exercise in yoga should be coupled well with mechanical and proper respiration. So the nostrils should be properly cleaned before doing yoga to do it effectively.

Yoga can be done by a person falling under any age group but there are few exercises that cannot be done by children falling in the age group of 12 to 16 years as the body grows in that age group and doing few exercises may deteriorate the posture of the body or may affect the growth of the body. So yoga should be performed properly and systematically under professional guidance to get all the benefits of yoga.

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