Models Direct: Yoga Or Pilates?

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This year Models Direct have written articles on both yoga and pilates but it is easy to find yourself confused about the differences between these two activities. Yoga and pilates do have similarities; they both aim to strengthen the muscles – with particular focus on the back, abdomen, arms and legs – and they are both fantastic for improving posture. However, both yoga and pilates offer a slightly different approach to fitness.
Models Direct have tried to break those differences down for you below.

History. Despite their similarities yoga and pilates have quite different backgrounds. Yoga has it’s origins in India, and was first developed thousands of years ago whereas pilates is a relatively new practice by comparison, invented by the German athlete Joseph Pilates just eighty years ago.

Focus of yoga. Yoga is generally thought of as more of a lifestyle choice than a workout choice. It involves meditation, breathing skills, relaxation and has what may be viewed as a more spiritual approach than pilates. It is also famous for the ability to increase flexibility and massage internal organs and glands, therefore aiding with detoxification and boosting the immune system. There is much emphasis on the way that yoga makes you feel as apposed to how it makes you look, though there is no doubt that practicing yoga is also very beneficial as a way of shaping and toning the body.

Focus of pilates. Pilates works at conditioning the body first and foremost and involves focus on breathing in a slightly different way to yoga. In pilates you are encouraged to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth whilst exercising. Yoga utilizes the nose for both inhaling and exhaling and in conjunction with various meditative techniques. Pilates is less meditation and more concentration based and develops focus, elasticity, joint mobility, core strength, conditioning and elongation of the muscles and spine.

Equipment. Both yoga and pilates are practiced on a mat. Yoga can involve the use of props such as straps and blocks to enhance certain movements and poses. Pilates may involve exercise balls, fitness bands and larger equipment that you would expect to find in a specialist pilates studio.

Which is for me? We hope that this article has helped you to understand the differences between yoga and pilates but ultimately the best way to discover which of these activities suits you best is to try them. There is also no reason why you could not do both, they will compliment each other well.

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