Most Suitable For Women Practicing Yoga Fitness

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Each woman are eager to have a healthy body, to experience the beauty of life. One woman practicing yoga is the most appropriate one of the campaign, the following three measures yoga, multi-flexible body allows you to practice, beneficial physical and mental health of women.

“Semi-hook on” exercises – stimulate your creativity

Training principle: Kundalini “semi-hook on” Yoga practice is to stimulate sexual energy centers, adding to sexual pleasure and promote the normal recipe for creativity. It can stimulate the pelvic diaphragm energy centers and energy centers in the pubic bone, when the two parts of the energy of uninterrupted time, will be able to give full play to creativity.

Action decomposition

a, arms on both sides of the body, the feet pulled up to the buttocks, feet close to the ground. Hold hands and feet joints.

b, eyes closed, focus on the point between the eyebrows, with a smooth nose breathing. Every time breathing, it will raise the pelvis, and backs up as far as possible; soles of the feet, arms, head and neck continue to maintain contact with the ground. Each breath, it will be the body down.

Note: Repeat all of these movements a ~ 3 minutes. Pregnant women from the first 5 months to carry out the practice banned.


1, to enhance pots diaphragm strength;

2, the promotion of sexuality;

3, to improve pregnancy and to prevent bladder weakness, uterine prolapse and hemorrhoids;

4, increased lumbar spine flexibility, stretching the thigh and abdominal muscles;

5, compact buttocks muscles


“Pelvic Rotation” exercise – let your pelvis rotate up

Training Principle: Kundalini Yoga “Pelvic Rotation” exercises to promote body energy flow, energetic, improving sensibility, and the elimination of spasm. Female lower body not only enables smooth power, but also to ease menstrual pain and backache.

Action decomposition

a, smooth hands supported on the ground, fingertips forward, head low naturally relax.

b, eyes closed, focus on the point between the eyebrows, with a smooth nose breathing. Under pressure to my back, and pelvic rotation from left to right as far as possible. And then a spine jerk, into the arch, and continue to rotate.

Note: The back of the body jerk and lower pressure in the transition to be slow. Repeat the above movement 1 ~ 3 minutes. In the meantime can change the direction of rotation. Exercise period, the upper body should be kept stable.


1, so that the pelvis is more flexible;

2, eliminating pubic spasm;

3, to improve the heart and lower body between the head ﹑ energy ties;

4, to stimulate sexual desire and play of creativity;

5, help to eliminate a high degree of physical and mental tension or blocked energy flow arising from back pain;

6, contribute to physical and mental relaxation during pregnancy, so that the menstrual cycle stability, normalized;

7, to improve blood circulation

, promote the activity of pelvic diaphragm.

“Heart exercise” – enthusiastically Ben Wang happiness

Training Principle: Kundalini Yoga “heart exercise” helps to improve the sensibility in your body, mind and spirit to achieve coherence.

Action decomposition

a, inhale its head turned to the right, so that you can see the rear over the right shoulder. Will move to the left side behind the arms straight.

b, breath, head turned to the left, then turn to the right side of his arms.

Note: All the above actions redo once, lasted 1 to 3 minutes.


1, strengthen the upper spine, muscles, elimination of spasm;

2, spacious chest, the promotion of heart and lung functions, and improve systemic blood flow and oxygen supply;

3, the brain, heart, lungs and pelvis of the energy centers linked with each other. Nerve pacing (pulse) smooth flow unimpeded, the release of sexual energy and creativity.

4, contribute to inter-personal exchanges and contacts, to improve the empathic ability, sexuality.

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