Nature calls you to a Costa Rica yoga surf vacation

Written By: Ityler

In some of the world’s most idyllic settings, you have so many choice locations for your Costa Rica yoga surf vacation. Whether it’s your romantic honeymoon, a second honeymoon, or a time to replenish for the whole family, there is nothing that comes close to combining surfing and yoga. Surfing is a sport that requires mind-body awareness, making yoga a perfect fit. Get in touch with nature again with an experience that is unsurpassed. Costa Rica’s Pacific coast will present you with the kind of waves that can challenge the most accomplished surfer as well as excite the beginner of any age. Combined with a yoga retreat to cleanse and replenish body and soul, you have the perfect vacation.

Select from a number of captivating hotels and retreats, with ocean views you won’t believe. View the natural beauty of the tropical Costa Rican hills from your room. Visit tropical rainforests and tropical gardens which are home to many exotic animals. Enjoy gourmet organic meals that will rebuild your health. You’ll love the spa and massage treatments, long stretches of pristine beaches, and local tours.

Yes! Yoga at the resort or yoga on the beach – each is a wonderful experience. This is what you have to look forward to on your Costa Rica yoga surf vacation. Many locations cater to families, providing services that allow their parents to take full advantage of the spa, surfing, and yoga services. Several yoga and surf resorts in Costa Rica offer separate male and female surfing sessions. You can even find a women-only yoga and surf resort. Individual attention is a hallmark of all your Costa Rican hosts. You can be confident that even if you are new to surfing or to yoga, that you’ll be treated with care and understanding as your expert teachers help you to develop your skills. With their help, you’ll have the thrill of catching that wave for the very first time. Disconnect from the daily stresses of your busy lifestyle. Your Costa Rica yoga surf vacation is designed to create within you a balance of body, mind, and spirit. If you are a beginner, yoga will bring you a new feeling of relaxation combined with energy as you learn the breathing techniques of Kundalini Yoga or Hatha Yoga or Kabalabati. Combined with meditation and specific body movements, your yoga sessions will help your concentration, invigorate you, help you to expand your awareness, and improve your strength and flexibility. The stress of daily living will just flow away. And yoga has been known to be an effective treatment for a number of maladies, including pains in various parts of the body and high blood pressure. You won’t get this from your ordinary vacation. Choose from luxury hotel accommodations, villas, or bungalows. You can create your Costa Rica yoga surf vacation almost any way you want it. In addition to a variety of vacation packages, you can add more surfing or add more yoga – the choice is yours. Eat where you like, at the resort or at local restaurants. Enjoy swimming in the warm Pacific or in the pool. Yoga at the resort or yoga on the beach – each is a wonderful experience. Lest we forget, you’ll meet and enjoy new like-minded friends at these Costa Rica yoga surf resorts. It’s inevitable. A Costa Rica yoga surf vacation is just perfect for singles, families and empty-nesters. So, what are you waiting for?

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