One day I want to be a yoga instructor and teach in Costa Rica

Written By: Kellywhite

Yoga is a discipline that includes the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the body that originated from ancient India. Its goal is to help the person practicing it to attain a state of perfect spiritual insight as well as tranquility through meditation. I have been fascinated by the concept of yoga for so long; the postures, positions and exercises. That’s why one day I want to be a yoga instructor and teach in Costa Rica.

You may wonder why Costa Rica. Well you could say yoga and Costa Rica is practically one and the same thing! It is like the ideal place to have a vacation. Located in the Central part of America, it is adquately bordered by Pacific Ocean on its west and the caribbean sea to the east. How much more perfect could it get? For those of you who love beautiful beaches and crave to be in water, Costa Rica is definitely the place to be and the added bonus has just to be yoga! Every year, there are thousands and thousands of tourists who travel to Costa Rica to vacation there and yoga is among the most practiced activities. Costa Rica boasts beautiful nature retreats and exotic resorts. The resorts have all the supplies that you will need to enjoy your yoga class. Yoga can also be practiced at the hotels so there is no excuse at all why you should not remain fit and healthy during your vacation. Apart from Costa Rica Yoga retreats, there are other activities that you can engage in that will ensure you have an adventure packed holiday. They include spa time in the resorts and surf vacations on the beautiful ocean.

Yoga retreat packages are available too. There is a focus in every yoga retreat undertaken such as building strength, reconnecting with who you are and not to forget relaxation. There special yoga retreats for everyone who visits Costa Rica be it to enjoy your honeymoon, a family vacation, starting off life after retirement or just exploring your adventurous streak. The reason I have wanted to be a yoga instructor in this beautiful country is not only because it is known as a yoga haven for many but it also has training facilities that will further enhance my skills as a yoga teacher. Learning advanced skills in yoga will enable me help my clients to better connect with themselves mentally, spiritually and physically. The upside is the training will only take two weeks! Training institutes such as Nosara Yoga will offer just about any training and certification options in yoga. Thus being in the ‘land of yoga’ one really has to have an impressive resume and come across as a professional even when teaching private yoga lessons. There are many top yoga training centers so for any aspiring yoga instructor, like me, we are definitely spoilt for choice! I hope this article enlightens both those looking to find a special place to spa and surf vacation and yoga instructors on what Costa Rica has to offer. Do not forget the amazing Costa Rica Yoga retreats while enjoying nature and overlooking the ocean or waterfalls! With all these amazing things, that is the reason why one day I want to be a yoga instructor and teach in Costa Rica!

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