Power Of Yoga In Weight Loss

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To keep the body fit and supple, the Indian system of yoga is the most effective and it has been recognized all over the world. Though, the founder of this system was Maha rishi Pantanchali but it has further been developed and suitability of the circumstances and environments.

Yoga has seven stages but assanas are the most familiar system for keeping the body fit and healthy. Heavy weighted person cannot be termed as fit and healthy person as fatness has direct relation with breathing problem, heart problem etc. There are numerous assanas but most suggested assanas for quick weight loss are given below.

1.Sarvangasan Lie down on the back left the legs straight up and then support your body with hand on back on. It increases your blood circulation and reduces the fatness of the abdominal portion of body. Most useful to maintain your sex energy.
Time period Start with 1 minute and then extend up to 10sec to 1 minute.

2.Halasan Lie down on the back, take the legs stretching then behind so as to touch the ground. It is useful for spine, improve the digestive system reduce fatness on the abdomen, thighs and but tuck.
Time period Start with 1 minute and then extend up to 10sec to 1 minute.

3.Padpaschimott anasan Sit with stretched legs bend forward, touch the toes with finger tips, bend still further as you can. Then try to touch your forehead with knees. Reduce fatness of abdominal, improve digestion and increase flexibility of your spine.

4.Pavanmuktasan This yoga excercise should be performed as follow-:

Lie down on your back bend legs and bring them inside clasp then with hands, bring the head up to touch the knee. Useful for gastro able reduce fatness over abdomen.

5.Shalabhasan Lie down on your chest, then the head and legs to the extent that the entire body rest on your waist press your hips with closed fists useful for digestive organ abdominal and spine.

6.Dhanurasan Lie down on your stomach, hold the legs with hands, pull up the abdomen useful for sciatic nerve and digestive organ lungs and abdomen.


All the six exercises are named in Sanskrit Language witch was the original language of Maha rishi Pantanchali.

1.To perform these asans proper intake and release of breath be cared to achieve the result of weight losing.

3.The yoga assans should be performed in morning with out taking any meal but a glass of water if taken prior to assan will give better results.

4.In evening assan can be performed if there is a time gap of four hour of your lunch to the time of assan.

5.After each assan, the body should be given relaxation for 2-3 minutes.

6.Ladies should not perform these assan during their menstruation period.

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