Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training: Which One Is Right For You?

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By : Jennifer Wolfe

In many countries yoga has been used for centuries to help center a person and relieve stress. Prenatal yoga is truly ideal for pregnant women and when practiced mindfully, increases flexibility, strength, circulation and balance. During pregnancy, woman often becomes hyper aware of the many changes her body is going through. Prenatal yoga is a wonderful way to adapt more gracefully to these changes and to feel a sense of integration and appreciation for her body. Regular yoga practice helps to reduce back and leg pain, swelling and insomnia.
The pregnancy yoga DVD is certainly the best exercise for expecting mothers and is best method to fulfill the 30 minutes of exercise recommended by various obstetricians and gynecologists. The prenatal yoga DVD records the heart and soul of yoga that will help train future mothers to become deeply in contact with their body and also the baby while pregnant. A pregnancy exercise DVD offers helpful and gentle stretches and strengthening exercises, which usually calm the body, mind and helps in toning up the body to keep you fit, without risk.

Aside from that, pregnancy exercise DVD improves and build endurance in the muscle tissues used in the course of child birth. Make use of these types of pregnancy yoga DVD will let you acquire the ability to learn about deep breathing strategies. It will offer you a great alternative to prenatal yoga classes and a considerable amount of time or a costly fitness center membership isn’t needed. Whether you are looking for an energetic work-out or a mild stretching yoga routine, there is an array of pregnancy yoga DVD available that can meet your taste.

There are various prenatal yoga teachers training program available that gives a unique opportunity to grow personally and professionally while you serve and enrich your community. The training program is open to all prenatal health professionals, childbirth educators and yoga instructors interested in offering a complementary, mind-body approach to pregnancy, birth and parenting preparation.

Normally, prenatal yoga teacher training is five days in length and includes observation, discussion, participation and practice of the fundamental elements. In the training program, students are prepared for the self-reflective nature, which includes intensive periods of meditation.

The various topics of prenatal yoga teacher training include:

1. Anatomy and physiology for prenatal yoga
2. Teaching pain management yoga skills for labor
3. The body or mind dynamics of the childbearing year
4. Group facilitation skills
5. Yoga postures for pregnancy, birth and postpartum

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