Right Yoga Postures For A Healthy Life

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Since its inception, Yoga has made the lives of millions of people around the world easier and more beautiful. Yoga provides all round benefits improving both mind and body of an individual. These different yoga postures help to maintain body equilibrium. Moreover, it also enhances strength, stamina, and flexibility. Regular practice of yoga postures helps to strengthen concentration and self-control. Yoga is extremely therapeutic in nature.

There are different types of yoga postures on which few are discussed here. A yoga posture, which is quite common and feasible to perform, is the spinal roll or rocking exercise. It is extremely beneficial to overcome the problems of drowsiness as well as stiffness. This yoga posture provides the body vitality. Sit straight on the mat and then bend your head down while drawing up your knees. Your hands should be under your knees now swing back and forth very similar to that of a rocking chair. This exercise enhances spine and the neck.

Another widely used yoga posture in Uddyiana Bandha, which influences both our mind and our body. This yoga posture is highly beneficial for our internal organs of the abdominal region. It is also very good for our heart and cures obesity related issues. It generally consists of two parts.

The first involves standing on your feet at a distance of a foot. Bend forward a little and place your hands above the knees. Inhale and then exhale trying to push in your stomach as much as you can until it becomes concave and hold that position for around ten seconds.

Sirshashana or headstand is another important yoga posture that strengthens blood circulation to the brain that leads to increased memory and intelligence. It is also an effective cure for some ailments such as nervousness, depression, fatigue, nausea, fear, asthma, headache, and many more.

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