Runners Yoga – How to Cross-Train For Running With a New Yoga Routine

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Yoga is an ancient art of self development. Hatha yoga is a series of exercise and breathing for good health. The main benefits of yoga for runners may start with the asanas, or postures. Yoga in runners improves circulation, concentration, strength and flexibility. Astanga vinyasa (also called Dynamic or Power) yoga in runners, develop strength and make upper body muscles really strong and flexible lower body and spine. It is very useful in preparing the cardiovascular system and muscles for great performances. Gentle form of yoga is sometimes practiced to revitalize after hard training or competition. Yoga allows calmness and understanding to our minds and bodies. The focus and understanding would train the mind for competition and to develop self esteem and confidence too.

Pilates is an exercise developed by Joseph Pilates in the 20th Century. It gives strength, stability, and joint mobility. This technique is really helpful in injury rehabilitation and corrects muscle imbalances and any inefficient movements.

Runner’s yoga programs are healthy activities meant for burning fat, building our strength, strengthening and toning our bones, increase flexibility, improve balance and concentration. The Runner’s Yoga Program is a Complete Instructional Program, that can help you to lose weight quickly.

There are two main yoga postures for beginners, the standing and the seated poses. The standing pose is called the ‘Mountain Pose’. They are meant to make you stronger and improve your balance. Keep your feet together and your big toes should be touching each other. The weight should be evenly distributed, to gain the proper posture and stronger thigh muscles. Tense your thighs in a way to get your kneecaps raised and body erect with your spine keeping straight.

The second yoga for beginners is seated version or ‘Staff Pose’ .You can do this by sitting on an exercise mat comfortably. In this version, your legs are straight right in front of you and thigh muscles tensed again and your feet should be flexed. Your spine should stay erect. The main reason for this pose to make the body aligned and legs strengthened.

A third pose, known as the ‘Corpse Pose’, is not technically one of the yoga poses, but it can be quite useful. This can be one of the most relaxing experiences of the life. In this pose, you lie on your back, palms up, and your eyes closed. It helps you to cool down at the end of a yoga exercise or as an important part of meditation practices and involves deep breathing.

Yoga is a great discipline for runners. It is of so many benefits and you can do it whenever you like. Yoga poses for beginners are not tough, just a little uncomfortable at times, when your muscles aren’t flexible enough to be stretched.

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