Stress Relief Yoga – 3 Good Poses

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Stress relief yoga is nothing new. Many people do yoga specifically to relieve stress. Sometimes yoga is misunderstood.

People think it is all about trying to twist your body into impossible poses. This can actually make yoga stressful. The key to true stress relief yoga is feeling relaxed while doing the poses and not forcing your body into any position that doesn’t feel good or that doesn’t lead you into relaxation.

To get the most benefits from stress relief yoga you have to be disciplined about it. You can’t just start moving your body into poses and think that will relieve your stress. You need to follow a program and to follow the general guidelines of yoga.

This includes proper breathing. Breathing is very important in yoga and part of the reason it is so good at relieving stress. You also need to start out with beginner poses and work up to the more complicated poses. You can’t just jump into the harder stuff and expect everything to work out.

Each pose that you do will have specific instructions about how to move, when to move and how to breath. It is important to make a note of all these things, not just the actual positioning of your body, when learning yoga moves.
Here are 3 great yoga poses that you can try for stress relief. Remember the tips above, though. Be sure to focus on breathing and timing along with the correct positioning of your body.

Pose #1: Child’s Pose
This is one of the easiest yoga poses. It is often used in beginner’s programs. The child’s pose is meant to be a way for you to connect with the earth and earth’s energy. Breathing is even and relaxed. Start by getting on your knees and lower your body to the ground.

You can either put your arms at your sides or stretched over your head. Your chest should be resting on the top of your thighs. You should try to touch your forehead to the ground. Remember, though, don’t force your body. To come out of the pose simply sit up slowly.

Pose #2: Uttanasana
While this pose has a more traditional name that may seem difficult, it is actually an easy and very relaxing pose. For this pose you will be standing, feet apart, about shoulder width. Bend over at the waist and let your upper body just hang down. Release all the tension along your back.

You can either fold your arms with your hands holding the opposite elbows or just let your arms hang loosely down to the floor. During the pose you can rock your body from side to side or try for a deeper stretch by pulling your forehead towards your knees. Breathing should be relaxed and normal. Stand slowly back up to come out of the pose.

Pose #3: Warrior Pose
This last pose is a pose that will make you feel strong and energized. In the warrior pose you will be standing again. This time lunge with one leg to the side, the other leg is kept straight behind you. Slowly take your arms up, palms together, pointing towards the sky.

This is a great pose for balance. Keep your breath steady. To come out of the pose release the arms and then come out of the lunge to a standing position.

These 3 poses are a great example of stress relief yoga. You can do these poses everyday. Just take a few minutes to hold each pose, relax and breath. You will start to see results right away as the poses help you to relieve the stress you have built up in your body.

Yoga offers a natural stress relief strategy that most people can do. There are types of yoga programs designed for senior citizens as well as younger people — so age is no barrier to using stress relief yoga.

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