Study In Costa Rica To Learn Yoga, Spanish And More

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Are you thinking of taking off to a yoga school in Costa Rica? Beautiful Costa Rica is the cream of the crop of educational destinations. It’s a wonderful place to visit and a great place learn Yoga. Costa Rica is a nature lover’s paradise. No where else will you be able to practice yoga among such serene and abundant natural beauty. Go to the jungle to go within. Finding a yoga school in Costa Rica is as easy as finding a shopping mall in Los Angeles. From Coast to Coast this adorable little country has schools and retreat centers offering a variety of yoga classes and adventure tours.

There is a yoga school in Costa Rica to suit every budget. Set in the fun town of Montezuma on the Nicoya Peninsula, La Escuela del Sol is a very special yoga school in Costa Rica that that also teaches Spanish, Surfing, Scuba Diving and Even Fire Dancing (Poi) as well as yoga! La Escuela del Sol offers daily yoga classes where the jungle meets the sea. You will enjoy a spiritual experience to a symphony of wild birds frolicking, monkeys howling in the jungle all around you to a backdrop of waterfalls. La Escuela del Sol (the School of the Sun in English) is the only such yoga school in Costa Rica featuring such a wide variety of subjects in one place. The Escuela del Sol’s clientele is a who’s who of fun. A United Nations Diplomat from London in the two week Spanish class, a Chef from Chicago doing a yoga retreat- you never know who you will meet at La Escuela Del Sol school or in the funky little bohemian beach haven of Montezuma town. The scene here is very social. Everyday after class, the groups get together on local field trips that feature, beach combing. flea marketing and local restaurants and music venues. Owners Jeremy Levine and wife Andrea Hoyos, are champion Poi performers and give weekly performances at the local beach along with live musicians and even a reggae concert or two at La Escuela del Sol yoga school. In Costa Rica the locals, called Ticos, are friendly people, always willing to laugh and socialize. Practically everyone speaks English in this little surfing town too. If you just want to take a break and relax between sessions, four-legged School Mascots and Fire Dancing Instructor Churra, Flaca, and Tsunami will be happy to lick your hand and pass the afternoon on porch a hammock by the waterfalls with you, as well! La Escuela del Sol is a one of a kind yoga school in costa rica. It is the experience of the lifetime.

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