Surf Yoga Retreats Vacation in Costa Rica

written by: EAnderson

My Yoga Retreat and Spa Vacation in Costa Rica was a lot more than I expected it would be. Honestly, it was the Yoga and Surfing in Costa Rica kept me sane! I mean, I was a little reluctant to go to Costa Rica without my husband but my friend from work convinced me to go with her and deep down I knew I desperately needed to get away from everything. So after some thought I decided to go and I am so glad I did. I really needed this Yoga and surfing in Costa Rica vacation.

We arrived in Playas del Coco and I was struck by the sheer beauty of a true Island

Paradise. Flying over the mountain tops with the water falls cascading downward into pools of sparkling blue water, surrounded by lush green foliage that resembled a huge botanical garden was totally breath taking!

After a shower followed by a light lunch we quickly left to explore the Island before sunset. Costa Rica is such a beautiful place to visit and we had so much fun that first afternoon I hardly even thought of home!

The next day we found the equestrian center and rented a couple horses to go on a three hour trail ride. You simply must do the horse back trail rides it is so beautiful and sedate. You can truly appreciate the beauty when you ride through the dense forest. The birds were big and beautiful, especially the brightly colored green parrots that seemed to be everywhere. When we turned the corner I got startled when a baby monkey swung down from a tree directly in my horses path! Once the surprise wore off I was transfixed watching the little monkey play in its natural habitat. He did not seem the least concerned that there were humans nearby, although he did keep a slightly safe distance.

Kathy and I went hiking as soon as we freshened up in our room the next day. The cloud forest we were told was a very humid but cool mountainous region that derived it’s 100 % humidity from the clouds that always seemed to hover the forest. While hiking we saw beautiful bright green parrots sitting in low lying branches. On one occasion we got so close to a large parrot I could see its eyes watching our group as we passed by. Later that afternoon we came upon a huge waterfall cascading down the side of the mountain. The roar of the water was so loud it was deafening but at the same time serene and oh so very beautiful. The water below in the pool looked so cool and inviting the guide suggested we sit and eat our picnic lunch while letting our feet rest in the water. My but the water was cold! How could this be, I wondered, it is the middle of August!

The next morning after a delicious breakfast at the beautiful Bed & Breakfast Inn we stayed at in Playas del Coco I dressed for my Yoga class followed by a delightfully promising surf adventure to soak up some sun.

I honestly found my Yoga and Surfing in Costa Rica kept me sane adventure to be everything our travel agent said it would be and so very much more! The people in this beautiful tropical Island were warm and friendly and the prices were very reasonable. We were treated like royalty at the bed and breakfast resort as well as through out the Island. I would highly recommend the Yoga and Surfing in Costa Rica kept me sane to anyone!

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