Surfing and Yoga in Costa Rica

Written By: JudeeRyan

Do you have any thoughts on surfing and yoga in Costa Rica? Well in my end, I’ve got to say that surfing and yoga in Costa Rica changed my life forever. I mean it! I never thought I would say that one day. Previous to my awesome experience in the pristine beaches of Costa Rica, I was not into yoga at all and I wasn’t much of a surfer too. But yes, I have to admit. I became a convert. This is my story.

A few months ago, I was dumped by a guy I was with for 4 years. To say that it broke my heart was an understatement. I was a huge mess. I had a stressful job with power-hungry bosses and demanding clients. My apartment was unkempt. I avoided my friends and my family. I wanted to be alone and I shut off from the outside world because of the pain and anger that I felt. Each day, I literally had to drag myself to wake up and still go to work. It’s pretty amazing that I still had a job.
One day, Anna, my best friend felt compelled to do something drastic to save me from my self-imposed slump. She called me up bearing the best news that I’ve had in the longest time. She said she was so tired of looking at me while I moped about a romance that was never meant to be and she told me to pack my bags because we were going to Costa Rica! You have to understand that my best friend would not take a “no” for an answer; so off we went! I never thought how surfing and yoga in Costa Rica would save me from the heavy burdens in my head. But it did.
We arrived in Costa Rica in style. My best friend had made previous arrangements for our Costa Rica adventure so even from the airport we were greeted with the best that the place could possibly offer. Anna specifically wanted to do surfing and yoga in Costa Rica because she really believed that these two things will release me from the bondage of my agony and that’s why we stayed at one of the best packages offered by Pura Vida Adventures. We stayed at a Surf & Yoga Retreat at Malpais, Costa Rica which offers this really awesome special package for women who want to enjoy the health-giving benefits of yoga as well as the type of adrenaline rush that only surfing could offer. We were taught how to do the right movements to harness that energy within. Aside from the yoga classes and surfing lessons, we enjoyed mouth-watering gourmet meals, heavenly private massages, hot guys on the beach and a much de-stressed disposition. It is true after all with what they say about yoga and surfing. Yoga helped me achieve that sense of peace and surfing has let me experience that out-of-this world high of being one with water and nature.
Our Costa Rica lasted for 10 days and I have to say that it was the best thing that has happened to me so far. I went back to my life in the city with a healthy glow that would not have been possible without the water, the sun, the new-found flexibility that I owe to yoga and the happiness and contentment that I found within myself. Thinking of giving yourself the gift of a stress-free life? Start with an expedition of surfing and yoga in Costa Rica and you can refer to for the best travel advice guaranteed to give you that best experience. You can thank me later for my brilliant advice. Good luck!

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