Take Yoga Lessons In A Tropical Paradise

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Yoga is a discipline that uses meditation, breathing, stretching and postures to gain control of the mind and the body. Costa Rica is a naturally beautiful central American country with fabulous beaches, ideal temperature, cool breezes, dormant volcanoes, dazzling blue lagoons and a dazzling array of flora and fauna. Costa Rica is the perfect place to do yoga. Being in the midst of all the natural beauty makes Costa Rica yoga classes special. The Costa Rica yoga experience is world famous. Costa Rica has been called the ‘greenest country on earth’ because of the high percentage of their land mass they have dedicated to nature reserves. This adds to the effectiveness of the Costa Rica yoga classes. The harmony between man and nature present in Costa Rica is obvious. Costa Rica yoga practitioners benefit from this harmony and it intensifies benefits of the postures and meditations. Trekking is very popular in Costa Rica. One of the most popular treks is the journey to the top of the 11,260 foot tall Irazu Volcano. Costa Rica yoga instructors often hold classes at the base and at the peak of Irazu. It is an exhilarating experience to clear your mind and get in tune with your body in the presence of such a powerful creative force. Doing yoga at one of Costa Rica’s national parks surrounded by thousands of species of plants and animals takes the discipline to another level. There are many areas in Costa Rica that can enhance the practice of yoga. Costa Rica yoga students can find great peace and tranquility by practicing their ancient art at dawn or dusk on the fabulous beaches of this central American nation voted number one on the Happy Planet Index. Costa Rica is unique in that it has beaches on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Costa Rica yoga practitioners can choose to meditate at the ruggedly beautiful beach at Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast or go through their postures at Costa Rica’s most popular beach, Tamarindo. When they are done they can plunge into the Pacific Ocean and frolic.

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