Taking Your First Yoga Class

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By: Jill Cohen

You might want to try out yoga but you also be a bit nervous about joining your first class. There can be fear of others being in better shape and a lot of self-consciousness. Everyone is nervous when they start something new in their lives but remember this is for relaxation and self-growth. You do not have to compare yourself to others and yoga is the time to not be stuck in the usual competitive questions.

Do not eat for a few hours before your first class starts. Ideally, an almost empty tummy is much better for stretching and doing body-bending stances than a full stomach. The teacher will often ask at the beginning of class if anyone is new. This is a good time to let them know and you may be asked if you have any prior experience with stretching or yoga poses. If you have any concerns about your physical condition and health, let them know beforehand. It’s always good to mention any injuries so that you can be guided about things to avoid.

When you are introduced to poses, you can watch the instructor and do the gentler versions. Many stretches such as the camel pose have a beginner’s level, intermediate level and advanced posture. Keep in mind that the different poses focus on building strength, flexibility, and most of all, balance. You’ll pick which is most comfortable for you. After a few minutes of stretching, you may even be able to reach further than you imagined.

Do not feel bad about going for the easier levels as yoga is all about respecting your inner self and finding balance and harmony within your body. On the other hand, if you feel that you cannot do the asana, you can take a rest. This is not a judgmental situation and listening to your body is key. Also different parts of your body will have various degrees of flexibility. Some people also are more stretched out on one side than the other.

After class, drink plenty of water and avoid foods high in fat and sugar. This will help your body recuperate after a good work out. You may feel calmer and that you don’t have to rush the way you usually do. There may be an inner peace that is there and you may not want the usual stimulations. Some people say they don’t want to go to a mall or deal with crowds right after class, but just be nourished by the good feelings they attained. If you didn’t click with the teacher or style of yoga, pick a different class next time. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water, but instead find a style that may work better with your personality type.

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