Tantric Yoga: Healing the Mind and Body

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By : Troy Truman

Tantra incorporates a system of yoga into its teachings. It is a holistic approach that draws from several different sources to focus on the individual. The goal of yoga is to expand the consciousness of the self and get a deeper self-awareness. If this sounds like tantric meditation, you’d be right. Yoga teaches us how to identify those key factors that tend to generate the obstacles that arise in our lives from various places, such as intolerance and selfishness. Through yoga, we are able to achieve balance and harmony of self. Tantric yoga emphasizes tapping into the sexual energy of the self.

There are generally two concentrations of tantric yoga, namely the aesthetic and the pragmatic. In the first concentration, the pragmatic, the focus is on the sexual act itself. It seeks to enhance the sexual experience by integrating elements of both the male (shiva) and female (shakti) of the person. The male side is the rational side, and the female side is more emotional. Because of the focus on both the male and female, this works well as couples’ yoga also. Through various postures, tantric meditation, along with certain breathing and sexual techniques, the person–and to a greater extent, the couple–learns ways to enhance and enrich the sexual experience.

The second concentration of tantric yoga, the aesthetic, focuses not only on the sexual experience, but every aspect of the person’s life. For this concentration, this is where self-emptying comes in. By ridding yourself of the things that bind you, you can achieve a higher state of enlightenment. This impacts not only your sex life, but every element of your daily activities. The aesthetic goes much further than the pragmatic because it touches on so many more things. This is where tantra can help you every day–by helping you focus on what truly matters in your life.

Using the concentrations together, a person can achieve a greater sense of self-awareness and self-knowledge. A person can also get in touch with what he or she truly wants. The obstacles in life may cloud judgment, but learning tantric yoga can clear your mind of the clutter and find that deeper understanding that may have eluded you so far. As stated before, it can be great for couples because of the focus on both the male and female aspects of each person, as well as learning different ways to enhance the sexual experience for both partners.

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