The Corpse Pose Is One Of The Best Yoga Poses To Relax Your Body And Mind

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Yoga exercises are beneficial for people of all age groups. It contains several poses and asanas helping us to relax body, mind and spirit. There are people who put on the television to relax, or sit in silence and relive the events of the day. But only a few know that television can add stress and anxiety to your body. And silence is a foreign word to many. Between young children, traffic, cell phones, and so many other things, silence can be tough. A different approach to relaxation would be to learn how to do this yoga poses to unwind you.

If you are suffering Body stiffness, frequent Headaches, Digestive problems, Insomniac, Chronic anxiety or Irritability, you may be at a higher level of risk.

The corpse pose is an alternative solution to soften your stiffness and to ease your anxiety by allowing you to pause and slow down. The corpse pose looks like the easiest of all the yoga poses but it may be difficult to perform correctly. It helps in maintaining a balance and to keep the mind focused and relaxed. You would feel the calm in all your muscles and organs. It helps us in actively releasing tension and to stay alert.

The head has its own set of tension points. The mouth needs to open slightly and take the tongue away from the roof of the mouth. Release your jaw muscles and the back of your throat. Once your mind moves to your eyes rest the strain. Let your eyes sense the restfulness. Let the forehead loosen, ease the tightness. Soften the skin on your face and your scalp. This pose can be done by anyone who can get down on the ground. It is an excellent tension reliever that only takes about ten minutes but can wipe away years of stiffness and anxiety if practiced consistently. This pose alone will improve your health.

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