The Inseparability Of Yoga And The Breath

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By : Vanessa Stoessel

When the breath wanders, the mind is unsteady, but when the breath is still, so is the mind still. Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Life exists because of the breathing cycle Its what provides humans with their vitality. Similarly, the form of breathing called Ujjayi breathing is an absolute central component to your yoga practice. Ujjayi breathing literally translates to victorious breath. Inhaling and exhaling through the nose with the mouth closed and breathing from the throat to produce a hissing sound almost like the waves of the ocean rolling in and out forms this style of breathing.

Ujjayi breathing helps one achieve many goals in the practice of yoga:

1. It focuses the mind as it begins to wander and drowns out its chatter. The practice then becomes a dance as each pose flows into the next with the sound of calm but intense breathing.

2. It warms the body, which allows for greater flexibility and ease of movement, and ultimately a safe practice free of injury.

3. It creates a continuous flow of energy, bringing oxygen to the blood, nourishing the glands and internal organs, cleansing and purifying the nervous system and releasing unwanted toxins through perspiration. This detoxification process creates a lighter and stronger body and a clear mind.

4. It also builds immunity through the detoxification process supported by the information that disease, bacteria and viruses are challenged when attempting to exist in an oxygen-rich environment.

The practice of yoga allows you to be conscious of your breath. It is an exercise of purifying the body, breathing in spirit, circulating energy and calming the mind. Practice your Ujjayi breathing to get the most out of it in your practice. Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position with your eyes closed and hands relaxed softly on your lap. As you inhale with your mouth closed, contract the throat to create a hissing sound. Exhale the same way. Practice this breathing for a few minutes as you continue to extend the length of your inhales and exhales with each breath cycle.

Be victorious in your breathing…

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