The Yoga Sun Salutation Works Every Part Of Your Body

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By: Dianne Cohen

Yoga has so many benefits and many surprise results for a person who usually practices this kind of meditation. If your initial goal in doing yoga is to get more limber, reduce anxiety or turn into one’s quiet space you’ll also find that you’ll receive additional gains other than that. The sun salutation is called surya namaskar in Sanskrit is a basic symbol of it. It typically consists of twelve different poses and unlike gentle stretching; it has a nice effect on the internal body parts of a person such as heart because it is repeated at a pace that stimulates the entire cardiovascular system as well as the respiratory system. If you do the sequence slowly this won’t occur that good, but if you repeat it twelve to fifteen cycles without pausing then you will feel the effect, you can feel the increase heart rate of your breathing and circulation.

What is unique about this series of practice is that it not only tones the muscles but there is a strengthening as well and stretching of muscles. It also incorporates some basic poses such as the cobra and downward dog enabling one to stretch both forward and backward. Also, it’s hard for the mind to wander around and engage in worry, fantasy or other distractions because you need to focus on each step.

In doing it, certainly there is no need for props to be used since it only uses one’s body to complete the practice. Many people practicing this start their morning with yoga meditation before work. Each school of yoga has it’s own variations. For instance, the Sivananda’s school of yoga approaches it differently than ashtanga flow yoga. In kundalini yoga it isn’t often part of the kriyas though it is done at times. Certain schools have it as part of each yoga class.

In yoga, the sequence is best learned in attending yoga class or by using a DVD that demonstrates its procedures because probably it is a bit difficult to keep consulting a book as the body moves around through twelve postures. It is also recommended by certain approaches of yoga to stretch a little first or have a warm up in order to fully engage in the twelve poses. Experts recommend to be aware of extending yourself too far especially if it is your first time so that you don’t ache after or push yourself too far.

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