Three Extremely Simple Exercises To Build Washboard Abs

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It’s a belief among Yoga experts that the chakra that rules the abdominal area is the “Solar Plexus Chakra”. In Sanskrit, this chakra is referred to as “Manipura”. It is the one that’s responsible for helping energy flow throughout the body. Apart from this, it also controls the willpower and character strength. It happens to be one of the most critical or important chakras in your body. Yoga exercises help an individual in various dimensions and ways.

They make your muscles strong and powerful, while endowing them with a real sense of balance. The Manipura Chakra gives you the opportunity to develop high levels of strength and with this article we will delve into certain ideas that can help you work on it.

1) Single Yoga Leg Lifts

Start by placing your hands under your bottom and lie comfortably on your back. Keep in mind that your palms must face downwards and the hand should be supporting your lower back. If you feel that there is any of kind pressure on your lower back, gain more support by extending your arms further under the body. Once you’re ready, life your legs up to a 90 degree angle in slow and steady. Make sure your knees are straight.

You have to remember the most important point: inhale while lifting the leg up and as you bring it down, exhale. Repeat the same activity for your other leg. Keep on going like this and lift both the legs alternatively. Do this for a maximum of 3-4 minutes. Yoga is all about being steady in your approach, so don’t overdo any of the exercises. Keep taking breaks between exercises.

2) Double Yoga Leg Lifts

Once you’re done with the exercise with each leg in an alternate manner, take a good break. When you get back to exercises after relaxing for a while, start off with some new exercises using both the legs. Try keeping your legs as straight as possible. Always keep your hands under your bottom and keep giving your lower back the support it needs.

3) Crisscross Exercise

The above exercises that we discussed target abs in the center area. However, this particular exercise aims at training the oblique muscles on the abdominal side. So stay still on your back, with your hands under your behind. Raise your legs to about 15 inches and keep the toes pointing to the top. Once in this position, crisscross your legs at a fast pace. The best part about this is that you’ll actually feel the muscles responding back. It’s an extremely useful exercise to develop your abs and build muscles. Since your abs take the longest to build and are difficult to get in shape, this particular exercises works well. As you start with it, you’ll see results in just about a few weeks.

These are the best and the most effective exercises that help you in toning your abdominal muscles to a great extent and in turn activate the Solar Plexus Chakra. When working on these exercises you’ll not only stay in shape but also get back your healthy feeling. The energy flows through your body like never before and revitalizes spirit.

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