Three Key Yoga Positions for Beginners

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Yoga has been instrumental in structuring the physical, mental, and spiritual growth of mankind. So it is not surprising that yoga is one of the most popular choices for meditation and exercise today. Yoga maintains a balance among various aspects of your inner being and helps attain inner peace. Following are some yoga positions for beginners to help you reach that inner peace and enjoy yoga health benefits at the same time.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

This basic pose or asana is also known as Downward Facing Dog. This position is practiced in a standing position with a mild inversion while at rest to relieve the back pain and strengthen the whole body. Bend forward while standing up and keep your soles flat on the ground for support, then stretch your arms forward while touching the floor with your palms. In this position keep your head parallel to your spine while your buttocks should reach upwards. You should be shaped as a triangle in this position with your buttocks at the tip and your arms and legs should be on both sides forming the triangle. Now inhale and exhale maintaining the position.


Next in the yoga positions for beginners is the Child’s pose or balasana. To practice this pose, bend and drop your knees to the floor and let the back of your thigh rest on your calves. Touch your toes together while spreading your knees wide. Now your belly would be resting between your thighs while the forehead would be resting on the floor. Now touch the floor with your palms by extending your arms. Now inhale and exhale deeply while resting in this position.


Next among the beginner poses in Bhujangasana or the Cobra Pose practiced to help make the spine more flexible. To practice this pose, lie flat on your stomach while keeping your legs together. Keep your palms flat on the floor and lift your chest up slightly. Support yourself on your arms. Your appearance would resemble a push-up but your arms should be parallel to your heart instead of extended at front as done in a push-up. Keep your chest lifted and the belly and lower ribcage flat on the floor. Keep your spine and neck aligned and again inhale and exhale deeply.

Although there are many more yoga positions for beginners like the Half-Locust and the Upward Facing Dog, it is more advisable to practice the three positions discussed here for getting the maximum yoga health benefits as these positions are best suited to relax your muscles.

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