Three Reasons I Love Yoga

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After giving birth to my kids, one of the things on top of my to – do list was to get back in shape. I wanted to get my pre-baby body back and I was willing to try anything that would help me fit in my skinny jeans again.

First thing I tried was to go to the gym but I couldn’t stand the routines. I also didn’t want to pay monthly fees for something that got me bored so I gave up after a few weeks

Next I tried boxing and dancing thinking they would be more exciting but both seemed too rigorous for me.

Yoga was the last thing on my list since it wasn’t something you’d typically associate with weight loss. But the first time I stood on that yoga mat, I knew I found the work out for me.

Here are three reasons I love yoga:

1. It is easy to begin. I had to spend money on a mat and a yoga DVD but that was all I needed to spend for. No need for fancy gym clothes since I can wear my own comfortable clothes. I can do it in the privacy of my own home at any time I choose to.

2. It keeps me centered. Yoga does amazing things for my mind. With every pose, I can just focus on the present moment and my breathing, nothing else. For a mom trying to balance a marriage, parenthood and a career, yoga helps me to relax and release.

3. It helps me lose weight. During my first workouts, I only did gentle yoga exercises to help me develop strength and flexibility. When I got the hang of it and I got stronger, I moved up to the more intense levels of yoga that really helped me burn my calories.

Don’t expect to lose the weight overnight though. It took me a month of consistent workouts before I saw any results. But when I saw my arms were getting firmer, my legs getting trimmer and my stomach getting flatter, it was all worth it.

I also noticed how I imbibed a sense of calm and clarity that helped me to deal with everyday stresses better.

If you want a workout that’s easy to begin and does wonders for your mind and body, try yoga. You just might love it too.

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