Top 10 Costa Rica Yoga Retreats

Written By: Sagarika

Costa Rica offers a unique traveling experience along with a discovery of your inner self through yoga. Exotic and peaceful surroundings provide the perfect locale for meditation and exercises that helps to relieve the body and mind. Let me acquaint you with the best Costa Rica Yoga Retreats that spell luxury amidst nature in your quest to develop yoga for wellness.
1. Anamaya: The name is in Sanskrit and means ‘good health’.This exotic resort located on the edge of a cliff top affords panoramic views of the ocean below. This yoga resort is surrounded by rain forests resplendent with waterfalls. The resort offers several types of yoga classes with expert instructors along with excellent spa services. Accommodations set in tranquil and intimate settings make the experience calm and serene.
2. Luna Lodge: A stay at the secluded eco-lodge located in the pristine surroundings of Osa Peninsula in southwestern Costa Rica is a unique experience that includes birdwatching and rare wildlife along with therapeutic yoga. Trained instructors teach you the yoga asanas to be practiced everyday for total body and mind relief.
3. Bamboo Yoga Play: An oasis for those looking to getaway to a world of peace and quiet, this beautiful retreat is close to the pristine beach and just below the rain forest mountains. The yoga sessions invigorate the guests and inspire them to experience the creative life force within.
4. PachaMama: Among the best Costa Rica Yoga Retreats, the PachaMama offers a spiritual voyage of discovery of the inner being through yoga. This is community and is set in the lap of nature where people come form all over the world.

5. Panacea de la Montana: Located on hill top with scenic views of the ocean and beach below, this luxurious resort is perfect for all yoga lovers. With packages that are tailored to suit varying needs, their yoga classes are relaxing and informative. One can come across yogis who take residence here as guests and exchange views about yoga asanas.
6. Tango Mar Costa Rica Yoga Spa Hotel: Among the best Costa Rica Yoga Retreats, Tango Mar spells world class luxury. Their yoga sessions are exhilarating and innovative, often held in natural surroundings in the open. Their trained yoga specialists impart lessons in basic and advanced yoga.
7. Jobbies Surf Camp: This resort is also easily one of the best Costa Rica Yoga Retreats and combines yoga lessons with surfing. This may be just the diversity that one needs to appreciate life more. beautiful accommodations and well-trained instructors make the stay worthwhile.
8. Yoga Farm: Luxury amidst spectacular surroundings is what Yoga Farm gives you along with world class yoga lessons from experts. One can even enjoy delectable cuisine that is catered to fulfill the body and mind together with yoga sessions.
9. Pranamar: This beautiful resort with luxurious villas is easily among the best Costa Rica Yoga Retreats. Top quality yoga classes in tropical and exotic surroundings immerse you in nature’s rhythm to rejuvenate the mind and the body.

10. Pura Vida: This fun and healthy yoga retreat offers wellness Yoga that provides the perfect balance between the mind and the soul. This oasis of beauty is set in tranquil surroundings and give home like intimacy to guests.

The Best Costa Rica Yoga Retreats offer luxurious stay and yoga classes to satisfy the body and soul while de-stressing the tired traveler.

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