Top 4 Benefits of Katy Yoga

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Top 4 Benefits of Katy Yoga

1. Katy Yoga = Relaxation

It’s absolutely a proven fact. When we pull the door open at our local Katy Yoga studio our mindset changes immediately. Like a hot cup of cocoa or coffee – yoga can warm your spirits! Come try our facility during the Winter months to see what I mean – you’ll become happily addicted! This immediate feeling of well being is expressed on both the emotional and physical level.

2. Motivation

As humans we are warm blooded and therefore experience ‘thermoregulation’ – which refers to a natural physical balancing of heat loss, with heat production in our bodies. As adults, when we are hot, our bodies sweat to compensate and cool down… Hot Yoga class involves sweat from the first few minutes and our mind relates to this hard work as release. Gratification is immediate because benefits are easy to feel. Creating a positive mental image of ourselves is crucial after a week of being beaten up from various directions and sometimes due to our own bad personal habits. Positive mental images stay in our minds even if it’s sometimes a little tough during the sessions. The truth is that…. You will stay motivated!

3. Confidence

Mood dictates feeling and our confidence is the sum of all our good feelings each day. Yoga creates a positive – Mind – Body – Soul – experience. Tangible changes in our body include toned abs, butt, stomach, arms. Yoga is an important tool to prevent injuries as well. Yoga strengthens your body in a well rounded way – weaknesses are singled out and eliminated – flexibility is increased – body composition changes – you start burning more calories every day from the results – results become better results…

4. Stress Reduced

A person can dedicate each breath in their body to achieve the correct breathing to cope with stress, opening the door to our success. Successful people manage their weaknesses – yoga will involve you strengthening your weaknesses. With strength and power comes relief and less stress.

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