Top 5 Free Yoga Poses

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By : Anmol Mehta

In this article I will share with you five of the very best yoga poses and exercises to help you with your personal yoga practice. What you will find with the yoga poses below, is that they can be practiced by both beginners as well as advanced yogis. These poses all work on different aspects of your body and can be easily incorporated into your yoga routine.

These poses and exercises are from across both great schools of yoga, hatha yoga as well as kundalini yoga, and the sequence I have given them in is a good one in which to practice them. Below you will find the details of each pose and how to practice it correctly and safely. Also given are the benefits that each of these poses bestow.

5 Best Yoga Poses:

Yoga Exercise #1: Yoga Stomach Grind:

The first exercise is called Kundalini Yoga Stomach Grind and it is a great way to work on your elimination system, digestive system and get the lower back ready for some serious yoga. It is a perfect way to start any yoga set.

How to practice this exercise:

Sit up with your legs crossed. Hold onto your on your knees. Grind your stomach in a big circle counter clockwise for half the time of the exercise. Visualize drawing a big circle with your naval. Switch after half the time and grind your stomach clockwise.

Yoga Exercise #2 – Kundalini Yoga Modified Rowing:

Yoga Rowing frees up your hips, helps you develop flexibility in your hamstrings and also works on your abs and shoulder. Can’t go wrong with this one. It is another great exercise for daily practice.

How to practice this yoga exercise:

Sit up with both legs extended straight out in front of you. Extend the arms and have the thumbs facing up towards the sky, fingers extended forward and keep the elbows straight. Lean back 20-30 degrees and then lean forward the same distance. Continue at a moderate pace.

Best Yoga Pose #3 – Yoga Forward Bend:

If you have not done your Forward Bending Yoga Pose, you have not done your yoga for the day yet, period. This pose stretches the entire back of your body and is known for triggering spontaneous healing and known to grant yogis with a long healthy life.

How to do this yoga pose:

Sit with both legs extended straight in front of you. Make sure the legs are parallel and feet pointing straight up. Reach forward with your hands and hold onto your legs as low as possible without bending the knees. If you can hold your toes that’s great, if not, arch them back towards you while holding your shins, knees or thighs. This will ensure you are stretching the calves and nerves. As you reach towards your feet, ensure you are bending from the waist and try to keep the back as straight as possible. Try to bring the forehead to the knees if possible.

Top Yoga Pose #4 – Yoga Stretch Pose for Abdominal Workout:

This great yoga posture, has some easy modifications for beginners, and also gives advanced yogis a real challenge when held for a prolonged period of time. It is one of my favorite yoga poses and a must do everyday exercise. Oh yes, I almost forgot, this exercise is also excellent for working on your Navel Chakra, to help you develop amazing energy and tremendous willpower.

How to do this yoga pose:

Lie on your back. Place your hands under your buttocks palms facing down (to support your lower back). Raise your heels 6 inches, point your feet and toes away from you, raise your head slightly and stare at your toes. You will feel the abdominal muscles go to work immediately. Breath powerfully.

Best Yoga Pose #5 – Bow Pose:

Done regularly Bow Pose has been known to keep you looking young and give you the energy and vitality of youth. The advanced yogi can develop rocking in this pose, which is even more beneficial to you. You will find your digestive system, respiratory system, entire spine, legs, shoulders and overall flexibility improved by this great yoga exercise.

How to practice yoga bow pose:

Start by lying on your stomach with your chin on the floor. Next, bend your knees and bring your heels towards your buttocks. Reach back and grasp your ankles. Raise yourself up off the floor by pressing your ankles away from you. Your chest and thighs should be raised off the floor.

Summary of Top 5 Yoga Poses:

Just doing these five yoga poses on a daily basis will make a significant difference in you health and levels of energy. As with any physical practice, make you start off slowly and then gently build up your capacity over time. Also remember each yoga pose should be done with full awareness and complete attention.

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