Top ten reasons Costa Rica Yoga is so popular

Top10CRY.orgBy Richard Barone

Costa Rica Yoga is gaining in popularity so fast , many people are wondering why. Following are our top ten reasons for Costa Rica Yoga’s popularity.

1. Beaches, volcanoes, rushing rivers and wild jungles, you name it and you can do yoga there. From five star yoga lodges to humble jungle yogis, choose from a wide variety of teachers and settings to thrill you.

2. International and local Masters and students practice here. Before Costa Rica was a world class destination yoga was practiced by hippies and gurus that wanted to keep it a secret.

3. Visiting celebrities like Britney Spears stay in shape in Costa Rica. The A list is a veritable who’s who of the rich and famous, you never know who may be next to you in class.

4. Easy access from around the world. Whether you’re here for vacation, looking for a new home, on business or taking yoga classes, you will feel welcomed.

5. Costa Rica, the Switzerland of Central America. International cuisine and European quality assure pampered travelers an experience to be relished again and again.

6. Economical activities. Some courses may be cheaper than the breakfast you ate this morning.

7. Stable government. Costa Rica’s nonmilitary public policy and a strong international government presence make it a real comfort a long way from home.

8. Record setting longevity and happiness indexes. A small amount of time in the right place can be beneficial for years, not to mention the fun you’ll have.

9. Increased oxygen uptake, fresh weather and sunshine accelerate the benefits of yoga. Medical studies have shown this environment promotes well being.

10. Yoga improves:

  • pain relief
  • breathing, cardiovascular conditioning
  • strength, flexibility
  • weight management
  • Mental and Spiritual growth, and much more

There you have it, ten reasons, well maybe a few more, why Costa Rica Yoga is so popular. Come on down and share your own great reasons for coming here to practice yoga.

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