Top Three Yoga Moves to Learn

A good 20 minute session will do you a world of a difference when life gets really hairy and you feel tied up in knots. So let’s get those knots unraveled, that breathe flowing and your JOYFUL heart brimming with energy.


Here are the three poses I believe are some of the best for receiving the most out of a yoga practice in a short amount of time. These poses are often considered foundational to any Yoga practice. You will gain strength, increase flexibility and encourage cleansing of the whole system.

Pose #1 Warrior Pose:

Any warrior pose can be implemented and choose to do all three for maximum benefits. Warrior poses are standing poses and as such encourage the building of strength and stamina. They also nurture INTERNAL strength and are excellent to improve self esteem.

In Warrior poses be very conscious of the alignment of your hips, you want to direct them so that they remain equal and not off center. If your right leg is forward for example, encourage the left hip to come forward, and not sway back putting the lower torso out of proper alignment. Hips are huge in this pose! Keep them squared and equally balanced. Also remember to keep shoulders relaxed, and not hunching up to your ears. Think of lowering the shoulders, yet keeping them engaged inwardly.

Pose # 2: Parivrtta Parsvakonasana or Revolved Side Angle Pose

This is a twist type of asana. Twists are very beneficial for the health of the spine and organs. Twists encourage spinal circulation and help relieve blocked energy channels to the spine. Twists also detoxify organ systems. Digestive organs get massaged and are helped to digest, assimilate and eliminate food. Also the whole lymphatic system is stimulated and encouraged to release toxins and waste products.

Again be conscious of the hips in this pose. Keep them aligned and the spine long and straight. Open the heart center as you twist to the side and keep the shoulders balanced with the hips.

Pose #3 Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand:

I’ve included this particular pose because it’s a very effective nerve and glandular balancing inversion. It helps in so many ways to detoxify and re balance the whole system. Shoulder stand will help you release toxins from the organs and lymph system. In addition to this it has a very healthy effect on the hormonal system because it helps to regulate the thyroid. A very special gland that regulates the metabolism and hormonal system of the body. Shoulder stand also calms the nervous system, encourages sleep and tranquility. Don’t we all need a great night sleep?

If you just do these three poses, you have a well rounded practice you can do in just 2o minutes! Even if you only have 15-20 minutes, the effects are amazing.

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