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Underwhelmed and Cautious

by: Tootsie on 03/03/2015
Review: This "ashram" is a contradiction between stated purposes and true reality... Despite pleas for support to build out its property, it seems to be "enlightenment for the wealthy" - $100,000 for the right to build a small casita on their land with no security of tenure? There is also a deification of the 'guru' (Shunyamurti) whereby the compliant spiritual "children" make no move without his blessing / approval. This is not an empowered, wise community of healthy adults... In the end, look at how Sat Yoga is actually involved with supporting good works / selfless service ??? Can't find any examples - me neither. It's all about Sat Yoga and the hierarchy maintaining control. Rather the opposite of what is 'taught' ...

Goddess garden amazing, but not the training

by: Yoganira on 03/23/2013
Review: Im a 500RYT yoga teacher and I attended marianne wells teacher training and The goddess garden Costa Rica was an amazing place to have a teacher training. But Marianne wells teacher training was a nightmare. It's amazing that any thing like this can exist. I don't even want to go in to detail it's to crazy. So don't waist the money. And 15 other people in the training shared the same feelings. The worst thing is that I trusted that a yoga alliance certified training would guarantee a good training, but no this is not the case. The training manual was very poor and full of faults.

"Lied To" Review is her own personal drama

by: Janeen Judah on 02/19/2013
Review: I attended the same training as the "Lied To" reviewer and it was a fabulous experience. Lied To is inserting her own personal drama into what was an excellent training and fabulous experience for all of us. She quit the training after 4 days and continued her vacation elsewhere in Costa Rica. What really happened...Marianne is an awesome teacher. Kate Towell, her assistant for our training, is also an excellent teacher & Ayurveda expert. The remaining 20 of us who completed training all enjoyed Marianne & Kate's expertise and deep level of knowledge. The Goddess Garden is a peaceful yoga retreat, allowing students to pull away from their 'real' lives and focus entirely on the study of yoga. I highly recommend Marianne's training to others.

Amazing, Authentic Mentor

by: Colleen M Verton on 02/01/2013
Review: I just read the review about Marianne from "lied To" and wanted to make sure my voice was heard and that one person with obvious anger issues does not taint to amazing reputation of this inspirational teacher! I trained with Marianne in August of 2008. Since that time I have had the honor and absolute privilege of working as her Teachers Assistant in two additional trainings. These are the words I ALWAYS use to describe her... Words cannot really describe the experience I had as a student of Marianne Wells. Marianne’s knowledge, compassion, understanding of the complexities of relationships and the human experience is unparalleled. She teaches from her heart while allowing the student to find and follow his/her own path. Marianne’s own in-depth studies of the multi-layered subject of Yoga creates a curriculum that flows seamlessly from one day to the next, one subject to the next and one experience to the next. Her approach to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali takes an ancient text and applies it without effort to the modern world. Her vast knowledge of the asanas with great attention paid to proper posture alignment and safety provide the student with a plethora of knowledge to begin teaching once the program is finished. The program exposes the students to the varied Yoga styles from Vinyasa to Restorative to Ashtanga. All the while creating an environment where the student can form his/her own style. Beyond the teacher is an amazing and compassionate mentor and friend. In the four years since I graduated, Marianne has continued to help me on my path. With the knowledge I gained I have opened two Yoga studios since 2008. This dream was made possible through Marianne’s training. She taught me to trust myself and find the strength to live the life I was meant to live. I can always count on her to guide me in her own loving way. There are never any masks with Marianne. She is a true person in every sense of the word. She practices what she teaches and lives life with an open heart that allows her unique light to shine. I thank God everyday for guiding my path in life to Marianne. I also just completed a Yoga Retreat with Marianne, and once again was in awe of her passion, depth, love, honesty and devotion to Yoga, family and friends.

Amazing experience from a knowledgeable teacher

by: Tricia Thompson on 01/31/2013
Review: I have just read the above review from truthseeking and am quite surprised at the level of anger in the message. I attended Marianne Wells Yoga 200 RYT a few years ago and had a wonderful experience. Her loving nature, soothing voice, laughter and depth of knowledge surprised even me after years of attending different yoga workshops around the country. I learned so much from Marianne in how to structure a class, do adjustments on students, and really go in depth on the history and lifestyle of yoga. Obviously truthseeking did not complete the training and has some anger to play out on the web. I have had 2 friends attend this training in the past 18 months on my recommendation, and they are now very skilled yoga teachers with stronger personal practices than prior to the training. With Marianne's guidance they are more committed to yoga than before. I would discount the review from truthseeking - we can always see when someone is exaggerating the truth in their choice of words. As Marianne says - I will not hurt you, yoga will not hurt you, only you can hurt you.

Dishonest Teacher, Terrible Energy,

by: Lied to by Marianne Wells on 01/31/2013
Review: DO NOT do this Yoga Teacher training!!! As a Yogi, I hate to say this, but it's important that we warn each other of people in the industry who are not honest. I am extremely disappointed with the outcome of my training session in Costa Rica. Not only did we NOT follow the Yoga Alliance intended training hours, Marianne Wells' inflicted her own grief on all of the students in the training. More than half of the group got sick, including me. My symptoms were so severe, that I had to leave the training. Marianne Wells promised me a 50% refund and 100 hours of training BEFORE I left. Otherwise I never would have left. After she bailed on the training 2 days early, to go on a party vacation with two of the other students, she said she would issue the refund when she was finished her vacation. Two weeks later, I email Marianne Wells Yoga School, and I am told that I will NOT be receiving the refund I was promised or the training hours. They offered me half of what I was promised, indicating they didn't have the other half. I am so disappointed. You would never expect a Yoga Teacher to lie to you. Take the $4000 it will cost you to do this training, and put it towards an Honest Yoga School. There is a reason why this is the shortest training available anywhere!

Once in a Lifetime Experience in Paradise

by: Anna Hunt on 07/04/2011
Review: I took Marianne's RYT-200 training in 2010, and it was a life-changing experience for me. The program that Marianne's designed is a perfect blend of practice, philosophy, self exploration and student teaching. I enjoyed learning about myself just as much as I enjoyed deepening my understanding and practice of Yoga. Marianne is truly knowledgeable and continues to be an inspiring mentor and teacher to me. The location that Marianne has chosen for her future trainings - The Goddess Garden - is truly magical. Although I have did not train there, I had the pleasure of organizing a Yoga retreat there this June and it was such a beautiful experience for me and all of our retreat participants. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to experience this transformation in paradise.

stunningly beautiful perfect location for retreats

by: marianne Wells on 06/23/2011
Review: The Goddess Garden is perfectly situated next to the beach on the Caribbean coast in Cahuita. The grounds are beautifully manicured with a waterfall and mult-tier pool nestled among an ancient stand of trees filled with the nature of the tropical rain forest. Chef Tracy lovingly creates wonderfully nourishing dishes from locally sourced fresh ingredients. The Goddess Garden offers a variety of affordable lodging options, a large meditation hall, an air conditioned conference center, and another yoga shala under thatched ceiling. The Goddess Garden - aptly described where the rainforest meets the sea - is conveniently located near many tours and excursions available to their guests; yet nestled in a quiet area where you can hear the ocean waves, monkeys, and birds. This is a beautiful location that I am proud to host my yoga teacher training sessions throughout the year. Check it out!

Fun, sweaty, enlightening, challenging

by: Michon on 10/21/2010
Review: Yoga is a great way to connect with yourself and create that bond that we are often lacking these days, between the mind, body and spirit. These classes help bring it all together without pushing the many beginners in the class too far or scaring them away. The classes are lively fun and challenging.

Amazing Instructors!

by: Jenny on 08/26/2010
Review: Taking a class at Bamboo YogaPlay was one of the highlights of my time in Dominical. Sofia was an amazing teacher and the studio itself was gorgeous. Hardwood floors and screens served as windows, making you feel as though you were outdoors (which you kind of were) Hearing birds chirp and wind blow as we were guided thru our poses was simply awesome. I HIGHLY recommend taking a class or two three if you make your way to Dominical.