Try a Bikram Yoga retreat and Surf adventure in costa rica for your next vacation

Written By: Eanderson

If you are planning a vacation but have not completely chosen that superb vacation spot you should really try a Bikram Yoga retreat and Surf adventure in Costa Rica for your next vacation, if not this vacation!

Bikram Yoga is an exhilarating mind body and spirit exercise that awakens all your senses, your organs, tissue, ligaments and veins too to new rejuvenated life! It is such an awesome experience, I had thought I was completely intune with my self. Back home I work as a Counselor, so of course I am fully with it emotionally and even spiritually. Sad to say, it took only one Bikram lesson for me to come crashing back to reality and I quickly realized I was anything but. I wasn’t alone though, everyone in the class felt the same but rather than feeling bad about it we embraced the knowledge and signed up for the long haul; two classes a day for the two weeks we were staying at the beautiful Pura Vida Lodge resort.

During my visit to Costa Rica I learned so much about myself that I do not even know where or how to express it. It was a very humbling but wonderful experience that I will cherish and I will take home the knowledge to continue my Bikram lessons but also an inner peace and total sense of well being like I have never before experienced.

Not only did I learn some things about myself and learned meditation healing I had a great time with time with friends; some who came on this journey with me and others I made here in Costa Rica. Having a great time with friends, and getting the break you desperately needed from your crazy work and family life back home is worth any price.

My vacation was a surf and Yoga adventure but I declined the surf expedition. At my age I felt I would leave the water sports up to the youngsters but the Yoga, sightseeing, leisurely strolls around the city shops and museums were defiantly my forte! Oh, and the spas and massages, oh my but they were heavenly! I had an apricot and Guava facial that was so wonderful. MI could not believe how much smoother and silky soft my face was afterward. The body massage was equally calming, I caught myself dozing, it was so relaxing!

The food also was delectable and consisted of roasted root vegetables in a sweet coconut garlic sauce and was served over a wild rice pilaf. There was no meat with this particular dish but it was very filling and I found I did not even miss the meat! Most of the meals served were what the chef called detoxifying foods to cleanse the organs. There were fresh picked vegetables, some I did not recognize, berries, grapes and roasted nuts. Beverages were traditionally fresh made juice blends full of antioxidants. This vacation proved to be exuberating, calming, revitalizing as well as mind, body and soul strengthening. It is the vacation of a lifetime and I highly recommend it to everyone!

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