Understanding The Different Types Of Yoga

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Yoga is one of the oldest practices that people use to unite the mind and body to obtain peace and stress free life. This kind of practice has been used for more than two thousand years. This is also the reason why a lot of variations and divergences occurred in yoga. Today, there are a lot of yoga practices and different branches that you can choose from.

The different practices of yoga consist of different purpose and needs but they all have the same quality to harmonize and to balance the mind and body to obtain peace. Here are some of the most common branches of yoga used today.

First is Karma Yoga. Maybe, you already know about the word Karma. It is the term used to describe something that happened as a result of your previous actions. There are good karma and bad karma depending on the action that you made. The main purpose of this type of yoga is to remove all the selfishness and negativity in your body so you will not have to experience bad karma in the future.

Second is Hatha Yoga. People who want to focus on their well being and health can consider this kind of yoga. It is known as the oldest form of physical therapy today.

Third is Raja Yoga. This is the classic type of yoga since the focus of this practice is meditation. This is also a complex kind of yoga since most of the instructors require people to start with hatha yoga before continuing to more advanced training in raja yoga. It is consist of profound meditation and you need to have a lot of focus and discipline.

Fourth is Jnana Yoga. This is the type of yoga that gained a lot of interest to scholars because it focuses on the improvement of the intellect. You can gain knowledge by studying some of the yoga scripts and texts. It is known as the most difficult type of yoga and the most challenging as well.

If you already know the type of yoga that you want to try, the next move is to look for a yoga teaching class. You can try out Houston Yoga where you can find a professional Houston Yoga instructor.

Always remember that yoga needs a lot of discipline and focus and you need to convince yourself that this kind of practice can work for you.

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