Ways Yoga Can Benefit Your Overall Health

If you’re looking to relax and live a calmer, more stress free life, then yoga just might be the exercise for you. In addition to being incredibly enjoyable and, if practiced in a group setting, a great way to meet likeminded individuals, this wonderful exercise also offers many health benefits. While any type of exercise that is practiced regularly can improve your health and longevity, very few offer all of the spiritual and health benefits of yoga. Furthermore, yoga is extremely popular right now, making it easier than ever to find classes in your area.

First of all, yoga is a very low impact exercise. This means that, very rarely, will you sweat or have to huff and pant while practicing this exercise. This makes it ideal for individuals who are overweight or not in the best physical shape of their lives. The low impact factor of yoga does not, however, mean that this exercise won’t help you to lower your weight if necessary. In fact, yoga helps to improve both strength and flexibility, important factors to helping you to get into shape and drop those extra pounds. Yoga works to stretch all of your muscles, thereby increasing flexibility and releasing the buildup of lactic acid. The excess accumulation of lactic acid, a naturally occurring substance, can lead to muscle and joint stiffness, pain, and atrophy. With regular yoga practice, you rid yourself of this substance and also help to strengthen and flex your ligaments and tendons. Yoga moves also work to increase your upper body strength, abdominal tone, and leg strength. You really won’t find an easier or more effective workout anywhere else.

Once you’ve become stronger and have greater flexibility, you will also start to notice a healthy change in your posture or the way you hold yourself. It is common for people to slouch or to slump over while sitting or standing. Yoga helps you to get used to holding yourself in a tall, erect position and can make proper posture feel like second nature to you. Not only will this improve your health and blood circulation, but it can also help you to look better too. When you stand up straight, your body looks, longer and leaner, and studies show that you project more confidence and self assurance than those who slouch.

Other great news for yoga practitioners is that recent studies show that the regular practice of this exercise lowers the risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. Individuals who are at a high risk for these conditions can significantly lower the chances of having them develop. Furthermore, yoga is also known to increase the risk of depression and other mental illnesses as well. Relief for insomnia, arthritis, chronic bodily aches and pains, asthma, and multiple sclerosis has also been reported. If you think yoga sounds like the exercise for you, you can call up a local yoga studio in your area or even check out a few yoga DVDs.

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