What Is A Round Yoga Bolster?

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By : Phoenix Delray

For Many Applications the round yoga bolster is what you need to support your neck and spine during workouts, especially when you have to put your head down to do some of the moves that your instructor is going to require you to do. These cylindrical pillows will give support to the neck and shoulders to keep them aligned during the exercises and can keep you from getting hurt. Many have purchased these accessories for their classes and recommend that most of the classes offered today should have this as an accessory for their students to use and that is recommended by instructors and students alike for use.

The round yoga bolsters are firm enough to provide full support, yet soft enough to rest on, and can be used in a variety of different Vinyasa and Restorative postures. Several layers of cotton batting wrap around a firm foam core to make the round bolster both supportive and comfortable. It also has a removable cover and convenient handle, making this easy to transport and fare for. The round yoga bolster is constructed with medium weight cotton canvas on the outside and are stitched with nylon thread for strength. There are many different colors, firmness levels and different sizes of these necessary support pillows.

Round yoga bolsters are a very versatile tool and have many benefits. Doing yoga exercises with a yoga bolster pillow can provide much more comfort than without it and increases the amount of exercises you can do. It makes exercises possible that was nearly impossible to do without around yoga bolster. This can also be used by persons who are pregnant, injured or who have back pain to help them perform their yoga exercises. It can also be used to relieve tension in the lower back and to give comfort at night in the same areas to maximize sleep for most, and sleep is key to being healthy.

In ending, the round yoga bolster can easily be taken with you to your yoga classes or be transported for when you are on the move. And they are small enough to store in a cupboard or underneath your bed when you are done with them. Take some time to get some information on the round bolster pillows that will suit your exercise level and what you are willing to pay. This can be done by finding some sites that have the yoga bolster available and have detailed descriptions about the product and what to expect.

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