What To Expect From A Costa Rica Yoga Resort

Written By: Angelo Salazar

If you have not had the chance to spend your vacation in a Costa Rica yoga resort, now is the perfect time to book a stay. Costa Rica has long been considered a premiere tourist destination. Its abundant natural attractions, year-round pleasant climate and laid-back “pura vida” culture are just some of the reasons tourists flock to this tropical Central American paradise. You can now add Costa Rica yoga resorts to the list of compelling reasons to book your next vacation here. A stay at a Costa Rica yoga resort will surely melt all your cares and troubles away, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

There are several excellent Costa Rica yoga resorts you can choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. What these Costa Rica yoga resorts offer will depend on their rating, location and focus. Location is also a major consideration. Some are located in the middle of the rainforest, or on the slopes of a mountain. Most are close to the beach, and a number sit right on the shore. Many have been built in or beside towns, although a number of Costa Rica yoga resorts sit isolated, literally in the middle of nowhere and quite distant from the nearest population centers.

Regardless of the Costa Rica yoga resort you choose to stay in, the centerpiece of the resort and the highlight of your stay will be the yoga classes. The sessions may be conducted for large groups of guests, small private groups, or privately for individuals. The resorts usually take provide facilities that take advantage of the natural setting, allowing participants to practice yoga outdoors, or as close to nature as possible. Elite Costa Rica yoga resorts usually hire or invite top-notch, certified yoga instructors. Some Costa Rica yoga resorts even offer basic and advanced instructor yoga training and certification for those interested in advancing their skills or who may wish to provide instruction professionally.

The Costa Rica yoga resort will also usually offer other services to augment yoga classes. These are usually additional services to help you further relax or pamper yourself. The typical Costa Rica yoga resort will offer massage and spa services, regardless of whether it is premium or budget. Some of the popular ones also invite resource persons to share or lecture on an assortment of relevant topics; these talks are usually relevant to personal development and are quite popular with guests, especially if the Costa Rica yoga resort invites a speaker of note.

Food is, of course, very important. All the Costa Rica yoga resorts will offer health-enhancing menu sets mainly built around organically grown fruits and vegetables. Many of the resorts even grow their own crops and augment them with produce purchased from nearby markets or farmers. Rounding off the offering of the Costa Rica yoga resort will be activities that encourage meditation, relationship development and exercise. These include nature hikes, interaction with neighboring towns and villages, cultural exploration and even team building activities. A number of Costa Rica yoga resorts offer surfing and surfing instruction, as well as other popular water sports.

If you have not had the chance to enjoy a Costa Rica yoga resort vacation, you are missing out on the opportunity to connect with yourself, with other people and with the world around you.

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